Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Why a Second Dental Opinion Could Save You More Than Money--Pain!

You may be like me and trust your dentist.  After all, you went to the same one to have teeth filled for years without any problems.  And then, the unthinkable does happen and your tooth breaks off.  You have one giant hole and need immediate attention. 

That general practice dentist peers inside your mouth, gives you an x-ray, and then declares you need a root canal and a crown.  You may even be like me and be without any dental insurance.  Still, you want to get this dental pothole fixed despite the expense in order to eat normally again.  Am I right? 

This same dentist assures you that he can do the root canal.  Though the extra cost, you just might hastily agree to the procedure--by HIM.  This is where you could make the mistake of a lifetime like I did.   A general dentist claiming specialties in all procedures, a jack of all trades dentist because of some few weeks of extra training, is far from having the same knowledge of a true specialist. 

But I blindly trusted my dentist and assumed he knew what he was about to do to me.  After all, I stupidly believed this root canal was a simple procedure and only complicated problems required a specialist.  WRONG! 

Your regular dentist does not have the same equipment like the small cameras for doing such a procedure.  Nor does he have the same experience of the specialist.  The fee charged by your  dentist can even be competitive.  I discovered my general dentist charged only a $100 less over a specialist.

Ridding myself of the worst pain of my life took nearly a year and $4,000 when I finally got that crown.  Don't let that happen to you.  Now I'm nuts about second opinions, which probably are cheaper!  

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