Sunday, February 20, 2011

Ever Hear of the Sound Asleep Comfort Pillow? (Review)

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Sound Asleep Comfort Pillow
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Take your sleep to the next level.  Instead of falling asleep with those earbuds from your iPod why not drift off in comfort on a Sound Asleep Comfort Pillow?  I never heard about a pillow like it that  features a built-in speaker that can connect to any audio source until I was sent one to review.

Frankly, I was skeptical on how the concept would even work and then I put some Kenny G into my iPod.  To my amazement, the instrumental tones that softly played under my head relaxed me more than I thought it could.  To fall asleep to the easy listening music blocked out the problems of the day better because your mind concentrates more on the tune until gradually drifting off.

Those forced to rest in bed might enjoy their confinement more if a soothing tune lulled them to sleep.  All I know is the Sound Asleep Comfort Pillow is a pleasant way to aid your sleep.

However, if you don't want to connect your iPods, MP3 players, smart phones to even TVs, the 46" stereo system is detachable in this hypoallergenic poly fil pillow from Ellery Homestyles.  It doesn't require batteries either.

Learn more at Sound Asleep Comfort Pillow's Facebook page!

*This is my own, honest opinion.  No monetary compensation was given.  I only received a free product to test for this review.*

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