Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Unbelievable Deal For College Students from Microsoft!

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Microsoft has a great deal right now.  They are selling an edition of their flagship office suite, MS Office Professional Academic 2010 for only $79.95 to college students.  This is a terrific opportunity considering if you walk into a software retailer you should expect to pay around $499.99 for anything similar! 

To be eligible, you have to have a valid email address from an educational institution ending with the domain suffix .EDU (i.e., joe@collegename.edu) or have a valid email address from a school on this list .  And if your school isn't on the list, there is a link to provide your school's information to help try to add it.  You also must be a currently enrolled student in a U.S. educational institution in at least a 0.5 course credit with the ability to submit proof if requested.

Think about how much you spend on books that you will have to just get rid off after the class is over.  On the other hand, this Office Suite, the Professional version,  you will have for several years.  And Microsoft Office is what you'll be seeing when you'll be out in the real world since that's the most popular office suite in the business world.  In my opinion it's the most popular for a good reason too.  I've been using versions of this office suite for years and it has always been the best in my opinion.  So that $79.95 is money well spent for a piece of software, you better know thoroughly anyway if you expect to succeed in your job after graduation!

You can download a trial version of many of these suites here but for the price they are asking it's more than affordable--it's a steal if you qualify.

All I can say is this.  If I were a college student, I would be checking out Microsoft's great deal and ordering a copy for myself!

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What a smokin' DEAL!