Friday, August 5, 2011

Review: Katz Gluten Free Bake Shop

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Katz Gluten Free Bakery products.jpeg
Katz Gluten Free Bakery products.

Food allergies can often be hard to live with.  Some of the foods that you love may be off limits,  but you still crave them like things with wheat, dairy, soy, corn, nuts, or even eggs for example.  However, I have a fantastic solution for overcoming that obstacle so let me introduce you to Katz Gluten Free baked products of New York.

I was sent their all natural Cinnamon Rugelech, Apple Pie, and Chocolate Chip Cookies to review.  These were supposed to be frozen and thawed when needed.  However, my family devoured them with gusto before they had a chance to hit the freezer.  No one could tell these exceptionally tasty goodies were gluten free, dairy free, or nut free.  They just thought these were regular yummy cinnamon sweet rolls, apple pie, and chocolate chip cookies not some altered substitutions.  Now the family demands more and want me to pick Katz Gluten Free baked goods on my next shopping trip.

What I really liked about Katz Gluten Free's website is the handy allergy section where you can sort their products according to a specific allergen that you need to avoid.  For example, you may be allergic to eggs and you just press the button and it will show you which of their products do not contain eggs.

I honestly recommend Katz Gluten Free to all, but especially to those with allergies.  Trust me, this company makes wonderful products that are good for your condition without sacrificing great taste!  Check out their website or find them on Facebook. 

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