Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Savvy Rest Shredded Latex Pillow Review

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Savvy Rest Shredded Latex Pillow 
Buying pillows can be tricky.  I know that I have replaced lots of different pillows for a variety of reasons from being too hard, lumpy, or bad for my allergies with down.  However, I never realized how unhealthy the majority of our pillow options currently on the market are, such as those with styrofoam or polyfil with toxic chemicals until I discovered the Savvy Rest Company.

Before my Shredded Latex Pillow arrived, I slept on a memory foam contour pillow because I thought this was a better choice for my allergies and neck.  While I liked the cradling for my neck, I noticed that my one eye started to get smaller than the other.  However, I do rotate and sleep on my side, which could account for the side with the smaller eye.  Nonetheless, I do have special allergy bedding, which baffled me.

I never imagined my memory foam pillow could have been the culprit for this new "beauty" look.  Then I did more research and had the opportunity to review the Savvy Rest Shredded Latex Pillow to see if anything would change.

Immediately, you are aware of how heavy this pillow is once out of the big box.  Another thing you notice is how thick in height it is.  I honestly wondered how my small neck was going to feel until I read the directions and reached in to pull some of the filler out until I found my comfort level.

Sleeping on my new pillow was cushiony without being too soft or too hard and cradled my head nicely without any abuse to my neck.

After using my new pillow for a few days, I am happy to report my swollen eye returned to normal!  Whatever was in my last new memory foam pillow obviously did have something unhealthy in it that I was unaware of as part of the construction.  And yet, these unhealthy pillows are sold every day to unsuspecting consumers, who pay good money and expect a good night's rest--not health-related problems.

I honestly love my new pillow and can only imagine how much better sleep you would probably get with a natural mattress.  One day I wouldn't mind trying one.  

I sincerely believe that you should change your pillows if you're having any new symptoms and visit Savvy Rest  on the web or Savvy Rest on Facebook because you just might feel better sleeping on one of theirs!

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