Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Turkey Hill Dairy's Blitzburgh Crunch Ice Cream Review

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Turkey Hill Dairy's Blitzburgh Crunch Ice Cream.jpeg
Turkey Hill Dairy's Blitzburgh Crunch Ice Cream

Football season will soon be upon us and Turkey Hill Dairy knows how to get Pittsburgh Steelers Football fans ready for those big games and that eventual trip to the super bowl  with their special Blitzburgh Crunch, a powerhouse of scrumptious vanilla ice cream hit with chocolate cake crunchies and rammed with a crunchy chocolate swirl for a taste of victory! 

This ice cream that I sampled for this review is just as dynamic and a force in itself as the team it represents with a blitz of rich chocolate against a field of creamy vanilla that will energize any Steelers' fan, especially important when sitting in front of the television watching those important plays or to pack in your cooler for a tailgate party.   

I loved how loaded this ice cream was with all those bits of chocolate mixed through for a crunchy texture against velvety vanilla ice cream to make that much more yummy, causing this ice cream lover to devour it with gusto!  To me, Blitzburgh Crunch was a great treat anytime, but especially during the football season with that satisfying combination.

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