Friday, March 8, 2013

**CONTEST**Dial Coconut Water Body Wash Review + Dial Coconut Water Sweepstakes!--251 Winners!

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Dial Coconut Water Body Wash products

What could warm you up more on a cold day than a tropical escape?  However, you don't need to pack your suitcase or make any reservations.  Step into your shower and let Dial's new Ultra Fresh Hydrating Coconut Water Body Wash do the traveling for you.  Before long, you will bask in that sweet scent of coconut, exotic greens and floral while the soothing heat of your shower raining down on you does the rest.

The scent of this hydrating body wash was softly sweet and wonderfully light.  You need not worry about any overpowering aroma once it combines with that constant stream of warm water to possibly overwhelm while showering. 

For a grocery store or drug store item, I thought it also had a nice consistency and lathered well when working it with my nylon sponge.   What more could you ask for when looking for a body wash?  Do try this product for yourself because I do think you will like it.

To celebrate the launch,  an exciting new sweepstakes is up and running called the Dial Coconut Water Sweepstakes.  The grand prize is $1,000 for one lucky winner.  Another 250 winners will win a coupon for a free Coconut Water Body Wash.  Do enter here and ink so we both possibly have a chance to win.

*Disclaimer:  Dial Soap provided a free sample in exchange for my honest opinion. *

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