Sunday, May 12, 2013

Happy Mother's Day!

I just wanted to remind everyone to show the mothers out there a little extra love today.

Bringing or sending an expensive gift may be wonderful, but she would also appreciate knowing she is just as important to you now as when you were a child so do something nice to celebrate her day. 

If you live in different cities, pick up the phone and share what's going on in your life.   Tell her you love her and try to call more often.  

Invite her or take her out to dinner and spend time as a family catching up. 

Those that are handy could help her, perhaps, with something that needs fixed. 

Then again, your mom may need help with errands, appointments, etc. that you could offer support with even if she never mentioned it.  Sometimes, mothers hate to impose because they don't want to burden you.  Yet, we all need help at one point or another so be observant.  Remember, you grow old too and will be in her shoes one day.

All I am saying is open your heart to your mother. Communication and sharing with that special woman that raised you are the keys to keep that love connection burning.  

With this thought in mind, I wish all the mothers a joyous holiday. 

Nuts 4 Stuff is normal operation tomorrow because today I am celebrating the day with my mother and family.

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