Tuesday, June 25, 2013

July 1 Say Farewell to Google Reader--Say Hello to Bloglovin'!

Sadly enough, Google Reader only has a few more days left before it becomes history on July 1, 2013.  However, readers, fear not--I have found a wonderful solution to ease that transition with Bloglovin'. 

You can replace how you read Nuts 4 Stuff and all your other favorite blogs when you follow with Bloglovin'.  

Their format is wonderful and you can switch over to read all the latest on computer, iPhone, Android, or the iPad in one place.  Add any blog you want besides Nuts 4 Stuff and all the new posts will show up in a feed on Bloglovin'.

If you haven't checked Bloglovin', then you are missing a fabulous way to keep up.

Here's to saying hello  Bloglovin' and to bright new beginnings for all of us, readers and bloggers alike.  

Therefore, I hope you FOLLOW Nuts 4 Stuff to Bloglovin'! After all, there is always something fun and exciting to share.

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