Thursday, June 20, 2013

**WIN $65,000!**Dial Body Wash Review and $65K Gold Giveaway! (or 1 of 65 Daily Winners for a Year of Body Wash)

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Dial makes a lot of wonderful products for keeping skin clean and healthy with their bar soap, foaming hand soap, liquid hand soap, deodorant, lotion, hand sanitizers, and body washes.  In fact, you probably have a few or more in your home right now.   

One of my favorites has become their line of body washes ever since I got hooked on Dial's Coconut Water Body Wash when I reviewed it as a Purex Insider project.

When Purex presented another opportunity to try out other varieties of their body wash line, I so looked forward to browsing for other new Dial formulations and scents like their All Day Freshness Lavender & Twilight Jasmine, All Day Freshness Spring Water, Yogurt Vanilla Honey, Triple Moisture, and their Skin Therapy Replenishing Body Washes that I came home with. 

Though I am a fragrance fanatic, I also appreciate soothing creamy washes to clean and drench my skin with moisture, which made me sway for a little of both types.  I can't say that I sampled each new bottle yet, but I immediately used the Yogurt Vanilla Honey Body Wash the same day and felt so pampered when this rich foaming lather touched my body. 

My next one will probably be the All Day Freshness Lavender & Twilight Jasmine when I plan to soak for a relaxing bath.  Then again, my mood or skin need can change and I may choose one of the other four.  

Regardless of my choice of the next Dial body wash, I know that I won't be disappointed.  After all, Dial is a brand I can trust with more than 65 years of business success.

To celebrate this remarkable achievement, the company has an exciting giveaway where YOU could possibly win $65,000 in gold or be one of 65 daily winners of a year's supply of Dial Body Wash in their Dial 65K Gold Giveaway!   Enter daily from now until August 19 by clicking on that link. 

Good luck!  And together, let's clean up and win!

*Disclaimer:  Purex provided me with free Dial coupons in exchange for sharing the Dial sweepstakes.  However, all the opinions expressed here are own.*

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