Saturday, July 27, 2013

Purex Insider Program Is Looking to Expand

Purex Insider Program promotion.jpeg
Purex Insider Program 

The Purex Insider program is looking for bloggers that enjoy voicing their opinions on products. 

Being a Purex Insider often gives you access to new products or reformulated ones before they actually hit the store shelves, which is really great.  

Through this program, I have discovered some fabulous products that  I might have overlooked and had the privilege of sharing that information with you through my reviews. 

In fact, I have replaced quite a few products around my house due to my experiences with this program.  

One of my favorite finds happen to be Purex With Crystals because it gives even older clothes new life and softness without leaving any fabric softener build in the fibers of clothes.   This is just one example.  I sincerely hope you do give this product a try because it is amazing.

I love working with Purex because it is always a new adventure.  If what I am describing sounds like something you also want to be a part of, then follow this application link and fill it out.  I will see you there!

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