Friday, August 23, 2013

Calling All Beauty Bloggers Wanting to Link Up

Beauty bloggers wanting to link up weekly in a new group, I invite you to email me with your name, blog name and URL. 

I thought it would be great for my readers and other blog owners' readers to share links to reviews, sweepstakes, and other useful articles across other beauty blogs. 

I had found a few of these groups already and I even joined one called Beauty Blog Coalition on Facebook.  But that group seemed rather odd.  I asked two questions, then I got a ranting email from one of the bloggers, and then I got booted.  Now I could understand if I asked a controversial question but trust me they were quite innocent questions. 

Ask yourself this, if asking a question has the power to make some people so angry, does that not indicate something about your influence? 

But I want bloggers I can work together with so we can help promote each others blog.  By banding together we benefit from our collective experience and by cross promotions. 

I'm not asking about sharing contacts.  Everyone works really hard cultivating those.  

I feel we could help each other a great deal.  If you are interested, I hope to hear from you.