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**Win**Monave Mineral Makeup Huge Holiday Beauty 2015 Review + ($134) Giveaway!–Ends December 17, 2015 (USA & Canada)

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Monave Vegan Rose Moisturizer.jpeg
Monave Vegan Rose Moisturizer is one of my top picks from this company.

Get ready for the holidays in style with a new look.  A wonderful and healthier way to do that beauty makeover is with mineral makeup like the endless choices available from one of my favorite brands, Monave Mineral Makeup.  With the gorgeous array of products sent for this review and giveaway, I will show you how to make yourself shimmer and shine to be the toast of any celebration.

Prep your complexion first with Monave’s Vegan Rose Moisture Cream, which provides a petal soft base of hydrating moisture to best accept your foundation.  My skin blooms with such radiance upon using this product.  

For the foundation, I chose the CLAIRE Loose Mineral Powder Concealer-Foundation to see how much it differed from their regular loose powder foundation.  I noticed it did cover somewhat more thoroughly with more of a matte coverage to it.  The regular formula seemed to give the complexion more luminosity. Regardless, both versions even out the complexion for a flawless look that does hold up very well through your day.

Monave Caroline Concealer-Foundation and Soft Kabuki Brush.jpeg
Monave Caroline Concealer-Foundation and Soft Kabuki Brush

My first experience with Monave’s Loose Mineral Powder Foundation was using CAROLINE.  However, my coloring changed somewhat.  I don’t know how, but this powder was a bit too yellow that I needed to stop using it.  Therefore, I wanted to see how their Pink Luster Adjuster would work.  

Monave Pink Luster Adjuster and sifter jar.jpeg
Monave's Luster Pink Adjuster and sifter container can help you limit foundation mistakes.

This pink powder was packaged in a plastic bag, but had a sifter jar sent along with it for transferring the remaining CAROLINE foundation.  This product made for a great save so I can now finish using the rest.

I have all kinds of makeup brushes but they can be too big and bulky if you want to take a foundation brush to work or when traveling.  Monave’s Soft Kabuki Brush is the perfect size, fitting in a small tin in my makeup bag.

When it came to the eyes, I had my work cut out for me trying to decide among the tempting colors of Versatile Powders.  The colors I chose are striking with all the flattering light that they can bring to your eyes. These are so interchangeable, blend nicely and last for hours on end.

Three Versatile Powders of #88, #51m and #42.jpeg
Starting at the top is #88 Antique Brick, 51m Semi-Matte Bronze (middle) and #42 Khaki at the bottom.

Three Versatile Powders of #82, #3 and #76.jpeg
From the top is #82 Pink Pearl, #3 Pink Shimmer (middle) with #76 Jinx at the end.

 #76 Jinx is a maroon shade of plum-brown
#3 Pink Shimmer is pale lilac 
#82 Pink Pearl is a warm soft pink
#61m Semi-Matte White 
#35 Crystallized Honey is a pale flax gold
#32 Copper is true to form orange-copper
#51m Semi-Matte Bronze is a gorgeous apricot shade of light bronze
#88 Antique Brick is a flattering rosy-beige-brown
#42 Khaki is a versatile olive shade 

Three Versatile Powders of #35, #32 and #61m.jpeg
Starting at the top is #35 Crystallized Honey, then #32 Copper and ending with #61m Semi-Matte White.

Monave nine Versatile Powder swatches.jpeg
I swatched the nine Versatile Powders for you.  Going from left to right is #42 Khaki, #88 Antique Brick, #51m Semi-Matte Bronze, #32 Copper, #35 Crystallized Honey, #61m Semi-Matte White, #82 Pink Pearl, #3 Pink Shimmer with #76 Jinx on the right.

Monave recently developed pencil forms of these eye shadow powders with their Versatile Eye Pastels.  I played with four in #31 Gold, #180 Chiffon, #61 Semi-Matte White, and #112 Terra Dark for doing the crease.  An idea way to create a Sunset eye is trying Chiffon on your lid, layer a bit of the Gold toward the center before blending in with some of the dark-brown Tierra Dark in the crease, which you can also line your eyes with.   To finish, use just a tad of the Semi-matte White on the brow bone to pull this look together.  

Monave four Versatile Eye Pastels.jpeg
Monave's Versatile Eye Pastels #31 Gold, #112 Terra Dark, #61 Semi-White with #180 Chiffon at the top of my thumb.

With all the mistletoe around, I want my lips soft and inviting so I chose some Monave moisturizing lip glosses and lipsticks to keep them on track. 

Four Monave lipsticks of #95, #166, #36 and #84.jpeg
Starting on the left is Monave's #95 Buff Rose, #166 Tigerlilly, #36 Cali-Clay and ending with #84 Hibiscus.

The colors of the lipsticks are what I want to show you first with #95 Buff Rose, #166 Tigerlilly, #36 Cali-Clay, and #84 Hibiscus.  Not only do they compliment those eye shadows, but they are shades that can go with anything with how basic they are.  Buff Rose is the ideal choice if you love nudes but hate how they can sometimes wash you out.  This has just enough pink to liven a pale complexion or to make more of a darker one. Tigerlilly is an orange-red shade that is not too dark or too light, Cali-Clay is more of a burnt pale orange-brown and Hibiscus is a glorious, shimmering pink-brown.

Four Monave lipstick swatches.jpeg
Here are swatches of those four lovely lipsticks.  Going from left to right is #84 Hibiscus, #36 Cali-Clay, #166 Tigerlilly and ending with #95 Buff Rose on the right.

For lip glosses, I thought a variety of reds were called for.  Therefore, I chose #182 Pinot (blue-red wine color), #167 Burnt Red (brick red), #171 Ruby Slippers (pink-red with copper), #168 Clay (brown-red), and #85 Sienna (orange-based red).  

Five Liquid Glosses of #168, #182, #85, #167, and #171.jpeg
Going from left to right are Monave Liquid Glosses of #168 Clay, #182 Pinot, #85 Sienna, #167 Burnt Red, and ending with #171 Ruby Slippers on the right.

Still, I thought some pink tones would be appropriate with those shadows with Liquid Gloss #95 Buff Rose and #164 Petticoat (berry-pink) to give me some different options.  

Liquid Glosses #95 Buff Rose and #164 Petticoat.jpeg
Monave Liquid Glosses of #95 Buff Rose on the left with #164 Petticoat on the right.

I have relied on Monave Mineral Makeup for several years now and really do love their quality of cosmetics and skin care as well as their array of sensational colors.  Whether you need to look fabulous for the holidays or for every day, this brand’s products can make that happen.  Do visit their website and discover what they have to offer.   I know that you will be glad that you did.

Thanks to Monave Mineral Makeup, one lucky Nuts 4 Stuff reader in the United States or Canada wins a $134 prize package of cosmetics and skin care in the colors of their choice!

Giveaway Details and How to Enter–

Prize: One (1) winner will win the following Monave Mineral Makeup products in their choice of colors with Full Size of a Monave Loose Powder Foundation (Regular or Concealer-Foundation), two Versatile Powders, a Full-Size Vegan Rose Moisturizer, two Versatile Eye Pastels, a Soft Kabuki Brush, and two lip products of your choice ($134 total value)!

Dates of entry: 11/30/15–12/16/15 at 11:59 PM Eastern Standard Time

Eligibility:  Open to USA and Canada.  The winner will need to respond to my email with name and shipping address within 48-hours or another winner will be picked.
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Cheryl said...

I would pick Sandra Concealer - Foundation, Versatile Powder #38 Aztec Clay, Versatile Powder Cocoa #53, Versatile Eye Pastel #20 London Blue, Versatile Eye Pastel #72 Sahara, Blossom Blossom, and Lip Glaze #158 Nude.

Cheryl said...

My biggest Winter beauty challenge is extra dry skin.

Cheryl said...

Blogged about the giveaway:

morris977 said...

I would pick the Lipstick in #84 Hibiscus and #95 Buff Rose, the Eye Pastels in #112 Terra Dark and #61 Semi-White, the Versatile Powders in #35 Crystallized Honey and #82 Pink Pearl, and the Loose Mineral Powder Foundation.

morris977 said...

I learned their products are gluten free and are vegan. (Ruy Morris)

Annmarie Weeks said...

My biggest winter beauty problem is that my skin gets so dry and I have to moisturize continuously through the day!

clc408 said...

I would choose the loose poder foundation in light, vegan lipstick in My Lips But Better, and eye pencils in Espresso Brown and Smoke.

clc408 said...

My challenge is definitely dry skin in winter.

Amanda Patterson said...

I would pick the Paula Concealer foundation, Versatile Powder Violet Violation, Versatile Powder Carnelian, Versatile Eye Pastel #178 Pink Sapphire,Versatile Eye Pastel #154 Babe Pink, Magenta Moves Lipstick 176, Cool Maple Lipstick #160! Wow that is so many amazing products! Thanks so much for introducing me to this brand!

Holly Thomas said...

Sandra Loose Mineral Foundation is one item I would get.

Holly Thomas said...

My biggest beauty challenge in the wimnter is dry skin.

VickeC said...

Sandy Bonesteel said...

I would choose the Loose Mineral Foundation, in the shade Sandra, the Matte Blush in the Blush Seashell shade, and the Grande Marnier Bronzer.

PAIGE said...

I learned the company is about trust and transperacy

cindiizzy said...

I would love to get the Body Shimmer Sunrise #08. I am all about the glitter/sparkle!

trishden said...

Hello, I would get the Amy foundation and a nude and neutral lip glaze. Thanks for a great giveaway!

VickeC said...

my biggest winter challenge is very dry skin and cracking sometimes,,i live in VT where it is very cold and dry

trishden said...

My biggest winter beauty challenge is dehydration and I just have to be mindful to drink more water. Thanks!

Jessica said...

My problem would be dry skin!

PAIGE said...

My winter challenge is dry. flaky lips. UGH

Brandi Dawn said...

My biggest winter beauty challenge is dry skin. I live in Colorado and our winters are very cold and dry.

Brandi Dawn said...

I would choose moisturizer and some lighter shades of powder.

Jenny Scheldberg said...

I love the Nude Lip Glaze. So many pretty colors to choose from.

jackie said...

Nice!What a neat product

Ceecjjj said...

I learned that they are gluten-free and vegan

Laurie Murley said...

I would choose the regular I think

Laurie Murley said...

I learned their are gluten free

Nicole Carter said...

I'm not sure what all I would get but one thing I would definitely get would be the Mineral Powder in Light/Medium.

Nicole Carter said...

I have two concerns right now. One is always in the winter I get cracked bleeding skin especially on my hands and lips because they get so dry and a skin concern on my face is dark spots!

Buddy Garrett said...

My wife's biggest concern in winter is keeping her skin hydrated.

Buddy Garrett said...

I learned their products are gluten free and vegan.