Thursday, December 8, 2016

Monave Mineral Makeup Rainbow Lip Lites Review + Swatches

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Rainbow five Lip Lites.jpeg
Starting on the left is Copper, Jade, Orchid, Salmon and with the Topaz Rainbow Lip Lite on the right. 

If you want to do more with your current lipsticks or lip glosses and create different effects, I want to make you aware of some helpful lip products from Monave Mineral Makeup with their new Rainbow Lip Lites line.

This five-shade gloss assortment used on top of your lipstick or gloss instantly transforms the old color into a brand-new one by adding gleaming casts of Jade, Copper, Topaz, Orchid or Salmon color, depending on your choice.

swatches of the Rainbow Lip Lites.jpeg
Here I swatched the five Rainbow Lip Lites  from left to right with Topaz, Copper, Salmon, Orchid and Jade on the right.

The Jade Rainbow Lip Lite has a somewhat golden green shimmer.  The Copper color has a golden-orange sort of cast to it.  The Topaz is white with pale hints of violet.  The Orchid is a gleaming wash of cool pink-mauve.  Last of all, there is the Salmon shade that has a delicate orange-pink cast to it.

Monave five lipsticks.jpeg
Going from left to right are #165, #11, #83, #86, and ending with #94.

I also was sent some of their lipsticks and few glosses to alter colors with.  Here are the lipsticks that I want to show you of #165 Pomegranate, #11 Rose, #83 Autumn, #86 Bordeaux, #94 Petal Pink and two lip glosses with #158 Mauvelous and #152 Nude.

Monave two lip glosses.jpeg
Mauvelous #158 lip gloss is on the left with #152 Nude on the right.

#94 is a very becoming gleaming pink-brown.
#165 is a darker orange-brown sort of red
#83 is a slightly darker pink-brown with just a hint red
#11 is a sheerer brown-plum, warm pale pink
#86 is a lovely red-plum 
#158 has wonderful plum-mauve tones to it
#152 is another flattering brown-pink with traces of plum

As to my experimentation, starting by my wrist in the below photo at the top was my first attempt that shows Jade Rainbow Lip Lite with #94 Petal Pink, then Salmon with #165 Pomegranate, Orchid with #83 Autumn, Copper with #11 Rose, Topaz with #86 Bordeaux and #158 Mauvelous and #152 Nude lip glosses with the Topaz Rainbow Lip Lite.

Rainbow Lip Lites swatch combinations on one arm and another with the five lipsticks and two gloss swatches.jpeg
In the above photo, my other arm has swatches of the lipsticks and glosses to share.  Starting on the left is #94, #165, #83, #11, #86, then #158 lip gloss and #152 lip gloss.

I think the concept of salvaging less than satisfactory colors or simply just expanding upon your lipstick and lip gloss wardrobes is a good one from Monave Mineral Makeup so check this Rainbow Lip Lites line and their lip products as well as other cosmetics out when you get chance to help with your holiday beauty. 

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