Sunday, June 4, 2017

Forever Flawless Men’s Diamond Infused Shaving Cream and Aftershave Balm Review--To Help Your Diamond in the Rough Shine This Father’s Day!

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You'll love the feel of his face after using this shave cream.

Men can be just as challenging to buy for as any woman, despite what they may say.  However, I have an easy solution for your Father’s Day gift buying dilemma.  Despite your guy’s age, you are always safe to get them something that they can’t live without such as luxurious grooming products.  With Forever Flawless Diamond Infused Shaving Cream and Aftershave Balm that my guy has been testing, this duo can keep their faces smooth, soft and ideally protected from dryness and irritation through their skin pampering formula.

Forever Flawless Diamond Infused Shaving Cream ($60) is supremely moisturizing and vitamin enriched with A and E among its ingredients that also includes effective skin conditioning agents and natural diamond powder for gentle exfoliation.  This tube of shaving cream has a rich consistency and does seem to go further to finish his shaving than the foam he pumped out when using his regular shaving cream. Afterwards, his skin did feel exceptionally soft when I pulled him closer to evaluate.  He liked how extra close he could get and how wonderful the skin felt.

aftershave balm.jpeg
This is a gentle formula that didn't irritate my guy's face like some other aftershaves he tried.

He normally doesn’t go in for aftershaves because they always burned his face too much, but he knew that he was drafted for this review.  After his fresh shave, he applied some of this nicely scented balm to his wet face and suddenly changed his stubborn mind.  He liked how refreshingly comforting those antioxidants, essential oils, and natural herbal extracts felt after splashing the Forever Flawless Diamond Infused Aftershave Balm on his skin.  Now I think I spoiled him.  

If you are wondering what to buy your favorite fellow for Father’s Day, then you might want to stop by Forever Flawless for their Diamond Infused Shaving Cream and Aftershave Balm.  But be prepared.  They can turn into divas once they become acquainted with these products!

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