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This blog accepts advertising in ready to insert image based ads.

Rates for a 300 x 250 banner ad (above the fold):

1 month–$350
3 months–$1000

Rates for a 300 x 250 pixel banner ad (below the fold):

1 month–$250
3 months–$700

Rates for a 200 x 200 square:

1 month–$100
3 months–$250

Rates for a 150 x 150 square:  $50 month

Rates for a 200 x 100 size ad:  $25 month

Rates are available upon request for other size ads. 

Another advertising option is in the form of a sponsored post.  All sponsored posts are heavily promoted through my social media for maximum exposure.  

Full-size products are welcome for review consideration, but I do get many products competing for my attention. Therefore, only a paid, sponsored post guarantees publication. 

My Other Writing Services Include:

I am also available to handle the writing of your marketing literature from brochures, product labels and packaging to persuasive letters to sales reps and buyers.

I am also at your company or magazine’s disposal if you need a feature article or story for your newsletter or monthly publication.  Beauty, Health, Cooking, Style, Fashion, Inspiration are some areas I am comfortable writing about, but basically I can handle whatever you need. 

Does your company’s website need a voice and could benefit from a regular paid columnist that knows how to capture attention?  Well, here I am ready to shake things up with some grabbing content.

Recipe creation is another area that I could assist your company with using your wonderful products.

I love writing and promotion, but most of all, I would love the opportunity to work with YOU!  

Email Mary at   Please include your name, company, website address and email and I will get back to you promptly. 

Beauty Cooks Kisses accepts payment through Paypal at

Thank you for expressing an interest and wanting to be a part of my continually growing Beauty Cooks Kisses blog!