Friday, November 17, 2017

Rouge Bunny Rouge Allegria Eau de Parfum Review: A Joyous Escape to Summer

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Allegria EDP happens to be one of my new favorite floral perfumes!

What is it about Allegria Eau de Parfum from luxury beauty brand, Rouge Bunny Rouge, that is so joyful in how effortlessly this woody-floral captures the feeling but essence of spring evolving into summer?  Yet, the perfumer, Sonia Constant, mastered exactly the right notes for this green aromatic floral that can brighten your mood and make you forget cold, dreary weather. 

The fragrance opens with a sparkling energy from notes of bergamot, sour orange, grapefruit, and passion fruit.  The initial juicy freshness grabs your attention, being so luminous.

As it soon warms in the heart, this fragrance evolves from the marriage of its herbs notes of mint nanah, basil, buchu, eucalyptus to the floral mimosa absolute.  The former freshness undergoes a transformation and becomes cleaner and aromatic from the influence of green, which matures it with a sensual, but earthy feeling.  You feel a part of nature, but beyond somewhere indoors where elegance is the norm.

By the time Allegria dries in the base, it heats up from woody notes of cedarwood, hawthorn along with dry amber, enveloping it with a rich spicy sweetness that  takes on a fuzzy sort of coziness from the musk, moss and tonka bean that is very inviting as well as seductive.

If you are searching for a memorable aromatic floral that is not in the least shy to help you make a great impression for you or someone on your holiday gift list, Allegria fits the bill.  It has such feminine beauty supplemented by a confident inner strength that makes it demand attention.  

Allegria Eau de Parfum retails for ($129.00) at Rouge Bunny Rouge.  Check it out!  Trust me, but you will love it.

Thursday, November 16, 2017

Rituals Ayurveda Shower Oil, Body Cream and Dry Oil Vata Review: Aromatherapy for Balancing Body, Mind and Spirit

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The Ayureda line helps soothe body, mind and soul through luxurious skin care.

Ayurveda originated in India more than 3,000 years and is considered one of the oldest medical systems in existence based on the perfect balance of mind, body and spirit to maintain health and wellness.  I recently sampled some Rituals bath and body products to experience the power of the Ayurveda ritual.

The products in this aromatic line originated as a result of accumulated knowledge and ancient traditions to restore that ideal balance for total well-being.   My comforting journey began with The Ritual of Ayurveda Nurturing Shower Oil.  This makes a soft fragrant foam releasing the beauty of its Indian rose once it comes in contact with wet skin. Your senses benefit from that pleasant aroma that luxuriously pampers with sweet almond oil, vitamin E, and sunflower oil just to name a few of its wonderful ingredients.  After I rinsed off, my body was amply treated to extra softness  and suppleness.

The Ritual of Ayurveda Dry Oil Vata is what I followed up with next.  This dry oil has more of a herbal scent than rose due to its basil and assorted herbs.  I found it fast absorbing into the skin and provided soothing calm while lubricating.  I even patted a little of this oil into my just washed hair for its therapeutic benefits as well.

Last of all, PR sent The Ritual of Ayurveda Body Cream, which is supreme skin indulgence with its Indian rose and Himalaya honey.  This divinely scented cream lavishes the skin with a moisture veil that is sheer decadence. 

Anyone that hasn’t tried Rituals Ayurveda line of bath and body products really should do so to feel its joy and power that it leaves you with.  Any of these products would be thoughtful to give those on your holiday gift list because they do help body and mind.  

The Ritual of Ayurveda Nurturing Shower Oil ($15.00), The Ritual of Ayurveda Dry Oil Vata ($29.00) and The Ritual of Ayurveda Body Cream ($33.00) are available at Rituals website as well as a few other products in this line.  Check it out!

Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Goodbeing Natural Beauty/Lifestyle Subscription Box November 2017 Review

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November 2017 was a great month with a $71.30 value.

The products that we use for beauty and our lives shouldn’t need to give us reason for concern.  Unfortunately, they sometimes do with formulas than may contain less than healthy ingredients.  However, Goodbeing Natural Beauty/Lifestyle Subscription can be the answer to help lead you to safer product choices.

Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Au Naturale Cosmetics Let It Snow Eyes That Twinkle Holiday Gift Set Review + Swatches!

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Let It Snow Eyes Gift Set has gray, silver, white and a complex taupe that can help eyes shine and sparkle.

Getting down to basics can be a beautiful thing.  If you are determined to find healthier alternatives to chemicals, then Au Naturale Cosmetics takes the guesswork out of what could be in your makeup with their purer mineral formulations like with the Let It Snow Eyes That Twinkle Holiday Eye Gift Set for some sensational holiday glamour.

Monday, November 13, 2017

Keune Care Derma Activate Thickening Spray, Absolute Volume Volume Mousse and Satin Oil Oil Milk Review: Taking Hair to New Heights

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This is serious professional hair help.

Keune Haircosmetics never ceases to amaze me with the level of quality I discover from using their professional salon products.  Earlier I told you about a few of their new additions to the Care line that I honestly think can help even the worst head of hair.  Because the line is formulated with their special Essential Mineral Complex of zinc, copper, silicum, iron, and magnesium, the hair and scalp are strengthened and nourished.  However, I didn’t get a chance to share the rest until now. 

The Care Satin Oil Oil Milk ($30.00) is a leave-in milky spray that deep conditions with maracuja, baobab and monoi oils for returning moisture and shine.  Using this product dry or on damp hair when it needs help will do the trick without making the hair look greasy, sticky or make your style droop from weight.  I’m torn, which one I love more, this or the Care Vital Nutrition Protein Spray that I reviewed first for serious hair help. 

Another new Care product I tested was their Absolute Volume Volume Mousse ($26.00), which not only increases volume and thickens with liquid keratin and provitamin B5, but also offers heat protection.  My hair did have a healthy gloss without any flatness of my curls for long-lasting style.  

The Keune Care Derma Thickening Spray ($30.00) is a leave-in product that is intended for fine hair that uses wheat proteins and provitamin B5 to strengthen as it pumps up volume.   You probably wonder why I would bother using a thickening spray when I have thick hair.  The answer is because I also have a layered style that could use a boost in places, especially on one side where I have less hair.  

When I specifically targeted that side where I sleep, I did notice the curl did appear thicker in that section.  I didn’t need to use this spray all over because the rest of my head has a lot of hair, but this product does seem to bulk up the hair where needed.  If you have fine hair especially or not too much hair, this is another Keune Care product that can help thicken and strengthen what is on your head.  

If you never tried professional salon hair care products from Keune Haircosmetics, then you can’t understand the difference of what their formulas can do to turn ordinary hair into salon beautiful hair.  Check the company’s website to learn more and where to buy.

Sunday, November 12, 2017

Yasou Natural Skin Care Vegan Cellular Day Cream and Cell Renewal Night Cream Review–For a Complexion to Celebrate

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This is a thicker cream that you use very little of.

I truly believe in the difference that organic skin care can make to improve a complexion.  Why feed the skin of diet of man-made chemicals when you can deliver those beneficial ingredients in a healthier way?  Yasou Natural Skin Care uses Greek traditions and culture along with science and technology in their organic skin care formulations like their Vegan Cellular Day Cream and Cell Renewal Night Cream that I have been using over the past weeks.  

Saturday, November 11, 2017

Fuego Hot Sauce Subscription Box November 2017 Review

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Here's a tasty mix of spicy, heat!

Some people can’t understand my love of hot sauces that I use almost like they do with salt and pepper.  My feeling is the extra heat and spices intensify the flavor of foods while helping me burn more calories since it speeds up the metabolism.  The way I see it a hot sauce subscription like Fuego Box is a win-win for culinary enjoyment and the figure.

For instance, let me tell you about this November selection.  Hoff’s Southern Stinger is an award winning sauce that has a nice zip from Scorpion chiles with a sweet, bright edge from oranges and carrots.  This was delicious sauce on scrambled eggs.

Born to Hula Harvest creates a new sauce every year featuring a different brand.  This year the company focused on Carribean red peppers along with apple juice, pumpkin and spices of the fall season for a unique flavor twist.  This is a medium sweet hot burn that was very good with fish.

The last one this month was Honey Squash Hot Sauce from Butterfly Bakery of Vermont.  This is medium hot sauce with green jalapenos, butternut squash, honey, and vinegar.  This was delicious on a burger, but I believe would perk up practically any dish that you use hot sauce on. 

Fuego Box is great because they bring three artisan hot sauces to your door for just $29.95 per quarter with free USA shipping. You even get an informational card about each sauce and how best to enjoy them.

I dare you to find such unusual hot sauces in your local grocery store because you won’t.  This is the beauty of Fuego Box so check them out!  

Friday, November 10, 2017

Glossybox November 2017 Review

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Grateful is the theme for Glossybox November 2017.

With bright lights and festive decorations, the holidays are always magical and a time that you want your look to sparkle.  In the spirit of the season, this month’s assortment of beauty from Glossybox can help with that goal. 

What I find so appealing about their beauty subscription box is how thought out their boxes are for variety and appealing luxury brands.  Every Glossybox has at least five full and larger sample sizes of top brands of makeup, skin care, body and hair care, nail products, fragrances to tools for only $21.00 a month and free shipping within the USA.  Also, I love the big informational sheet with plenty of large photos to fully explain and demonstrate the product along with any special deals with a coupon code.

Thursday, November 9, 2017

Au Naturale Cosmetics Lips That Shine Holiday Gift Set Review – Vibrant Lip Glam to Dress Up the Holidays

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This is one of those perfect reds with enough pink for most complexions to carry it off.

My feeling is beauty is even better if you don’t have to worry about the safety of the makeup that you put on your face.  Au Naturale Cosmetics meets the bill with no synthetic preservatives, nano particles, parabens, fillers, dyes, gluten, or animal bi-products in their healthier, toxic-free organic makeup.  

Earlier on, I reviewed their cream foundations, cream blushes and cream bronzers, which I really liked for performance and convenience to simplify doing your makeup when rushed.  However, I never sampled any of their lips products until this Lips That Shine Holiday Gift Set arrived.

The set includes Eternity Lipstick in VIP ($25), a statement making red-pink and High Luster Lip Gloss ($18.00) in Opulence to finish the lips with an opal luster that is luminous.   

This lipstick feels smooth  and cushions the lips in moisturizing comfort for a few hours until I needed to reapply after eating.  It is creamy, but does have a slight waxiness to it.

This gloss can work magic over top any lipstick with its magic.

A gorgeous effect was using the High Luster Lip Gloss that I applied over top that lipstick.  It was like coating my lips with liquid reflective pearls.  It is not too heavy, sticky or greasy, but wonderfully in between.

Starting on November 15, 2017, Au Naturale’s Holiday Gift Sets like this Lips That Shine will be available at Whole Foods, Amazon or at Au Naturale’s website.  Check it out because it makes an ideal way to glam up for holiday parties or give as a gift.