Sunday, May 29, 2016

Father’s Day Gift Idea--L’Occitane Mer & Mistral Collection Review

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L’Occitane Mer & Mistral Collection Box.jpeg
L’Occitane Mer & Mistral Collection ($75)

Buying the men in your life a gift can be difficult.  However, L’Occitane en Provence has some tempting fragrance and skin care product gift sets that might easily solve the problem of what to buy this Father’s Day. A good choice might be the Mer & Mistral Collection from their La Collection de Grasse by perfumer, Karine Dubreuil.  

L’Occitane Mer & Mistral Collection trio of products.jpeg
L’Occitane Mer & Mistral Collection trio of products

This is the time of year that everyone appreciates a lighter fragrance that won’t be cloying through the heat like this aquatic, unisex fragrance.   Think of inhaling ocean breezes mingling with pine, cypress and rosemary to enliven it and then freshened even further with brisk lemon and mandarin. This has the alluring air of the sea balanced against land, grounding it with an earthy, sexy appeal that completes itself in beautiful harmony from its fresh opening, stimulating heart to this scent’s soft, but evocative base due to its white amber, cedar and musk.

My guy thought it was more masculine of a fragrance than Cedrat and I agree.  In fact, he is quite fond of this fragrance ever since it arrived for this review and is wearing it now.

This Mer & Mistral Collection ($75) gift set has an Eau de Toilette (75ml), Shower Gel (175ml) and matching Body Lotion (175ml).  There are other great gift options L’Occitane has right now as well that start less than $25 from a Body Set Trio ($24) with three scents of soaps to lush shaving sets to other fragrances that would please.  Check this fragrance gift set out and other fine possibilities at L’Occitane online or their boutiques!

Saturday, May 28, 2016

Recipe: My Banana-Choco Chip Puffs Make Delicious Breakfast Treats!

 My plate of Banana-Choco Chip Puffs.jpeg
 My Banana-Choco Chip Puffs 

My Banana-Choco Chip Puffs are wonderful when you crave something sweet, but don’t want all the calories and yet something delicious without much work.  These little quick bread gems use rolled oats as well as flour, which also makes them rather filling while adding a ripe banana gives just enough of the fruit’s flavor to compliment the chocolate chips and spices without overpowering the taste.  

Friday, May 27, 2016

Enter to WIN L’Occitane’s New York Shopping Spree!

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 L’Occitane’s New York Shopping Spree promotion ad.jpeg
Hurry to enter L'Occitane's $500 New York Shopping Spree!

Before you get too caught up packing or occupied with your other Memorial Day weekend plans, there is one exciting thing that I wanted to share.  Make sure to enter L’Occitane’s New York $500 Shopping Spree! However, you need to hurry because you only have from now until May 31, 2016 to enter.

One lucky winner will be chosen the first week of June to receive round trip airfare for two for a luxurious two-night stay at the Gansevoort hotel along with that $500 worth of L’Occitane

Don’t wait and sign up to enter before those Memorial Day plans catch up with you!  

Good luck!

Thursday, May 26, 2016

Some Simple Ways to Help Your Hair Thrive!

Red-haired girl with long, shiny hair.jpeg
For hair like this young beauty, read these tips.
Despite a great cut and expensive products, there always comes a time when you feel your hair betrayed you.  If you want to increase your odds of having better hair days, then there are some simple tricks that you can do that really help to beautify it.

The first rule that should keep in mind involves shampooing. Whatever you do, you must avoid washing the hair in water that is overly hot since hair can become dry just as much as the skin. Another reason is it will make the hair absorb too much of your hair styling products that you later follow with, only leaving the strands greasy and weighed down. Instead, make it a habit to use just warm water.  

Just as important is how much and how you shampoo.  Using too much is not necessary and can only dull your hair or cause tangling from insufficient rinsing or over vigorous scrubbing.  Nothing is worse when you have a habit of rubbing the hair too hard than when concentrating on the ends, which are already vulnerable. Doing this will make them brittle.  Gently massage the shampoo on the scalp is enough to do the job without abusing the hair.

Wednesday, May 25, 2016

**WIN**BedVoyage Eco-Luxury Bamboo Queen Sheet Set Review + ($159.99-$174.99) Giveaway!–Ends June 12, 2016

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BedVoyage Eco-Luxury Bamboo Queen Sheet Set.jpeg
BedVoyage Eco-Luxury Bamboo Queen Sheet Set ($159.99)

What can be more inviting when you are exhausted that the sight of a beautiful bed waiting for you to drop into?  With all the time we spend sleeping, the best bedding should pamper our bodies with satin-like softness and do more than just look fresh and pretty like BedVoyage’s Eco-Luxury Bamboo Queen Sheet Set that I got to test for this review and giveaway.

I had never slept on a bamboo sheet before and was surprised at how luxuriously soft that rayon from bamboo felt against the skin compared to my old cotton and cotton blend sheets that may have been made with petroleum-based microfibers or cotton treated with formaldehyde.  The fact that BedVoyage doesn’t treat their linens with harsh chemicals, formaldehyde or flame retardants also is wonderful for allergy sufferers like myself, not to mention the planet sleeping on eco-luxury bamboo sheets.

Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Every Woman Needs This DIY Cellulite Massage Oil If You Intend to Win the War Against Cellulite!

Woman in shorts without cellulite holding a camera.jpeg
This beauty knows how to manage cellulite with her perfect body--and you can too!

Women, let’s face it, we all have the same problem of cellulite.  Regardless how fit a body can be, cottage-cheese lumps called subcutaneous fat come with the female territory due to our unique hormones. Unlike our male counterparts, we also were gifted with larger fat storage chambers on our backsides, thighs and hips where all that fluid along with fat and trapped wastes turn into cellulite.

Our estrogen causes more fluid to build.  What happens is when this particular hormone is released, the more it breaks down our bodies collagen and elastin fibers.  In turn, those stretched out fibers and collagen gets pushed from their original spots and more outward against the skin, causing those unsightly dimples and puckering where there was none previously. 

Monday, May 23, 2016

Mineral Fusion Hydrating Primer Review

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Mineral Fusion Hydrating Primer.jpeg
Mineral Fusion Hydrating Primer 

A beauty staple that every woman needs to assure her makeup appears flawless is the right face primer. If you are trying to limit the chemicals in your life and are gravitating toward vegan brands and natural skin care, then you would be interested to hear about the latest one I sampled with Mineral Fusion’s Hydrating Primer.

This nourishing formula is extremely kind to any complexion with its bounty of natural antioxidants for anti-aging, including collagen boosting peptides for help with fine lines.  It also has mineral water for hydration as well as botanicals like aloe, lavender, thyme and rosemary to calm as it works to form a protective film before makeup.  This is a gentle, 100% vegan primer that is free of parabens, phthalates, artificial color or gluten.

Sunday, May 22, 2016

Pearlesque Box June 2016 Review

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Pearlesque Box June 2016.jpeg
Pearlesque Box June 2016 features four Farmaesthetics products.

When it comes to discovering excellent natural skin care, Pearlesque Box really knows how to zone in on some of the best organic beauty products out there whether in the states or abroad. This monthly natural skin care subscription's current box is a prime example with the June 2016 assortment of four Farmaesthetics award-winning and noteworthy green beauty items from Rhode Island!

Pearlesque Box has organic products like above that are intended to work together for maximizing your beauty.  This month has three full size and one travel-size item.  However, you can always count on one or two full-size products and anywhere from one to three travel size items in each box.  The cost for a monthly subscription is $39.95 with free shipping within the USA. International shipping rates apply for those wanting to subscribe in other countries.

Saturday, May 21, 2016

Fuego Box May 2016 Review

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Fuego Box May 2016.jpeg
Fuego Box May 2016 

If you ask me, nothing perks up some dishes more than an excellent hot sauce.  The amount of flavor multiplies beyond expectations through what a well-thought out blend of spices and flaming peppers can add.  As you probably have guessed, I am passionate about the stuff and Fuego Box because this subscription box knows how to scout out the most extraordinary, artisan hot sauces from all across the country in each monthly box.

You might think how could anyone get so excited over hot sauces when you can buy them locally.  Sure, you can find some big brands along with a few others, but your options are limited, not to mention experiencing the constantly evolving variety that Fuego puts out. 

You may think that I’m going overboard with my love of Fuego Box, but I assure that I am not.  Honestly, anyone that loves that hot and spicy taste really would appreciate a subscription like this that brings three of the most uncommon hot sauces home to you for just $29.95 per quarter with free shipping or $12.95 for one month with a $5.00 shipping charge if you want just one box at a time.  A card with details on each product and suggestions on the best ways to enjoy that particular hot sauce also is standard.

Hot and spicy afficionados, listen up, because here is what May 2016 Fuego Box has in store.

The Bronx Green Market Hot Sauce is a nippy, but won’t burn your tongue off blend of serrano peppers, garlic, onions and apple cider vinegar well suited to any foods that you normally add hot sauce to.  Do try some of this green hot sauce in tuna salad because it is really good.  

The Isabel Street Heat Fatalii Hot Sauce is fermented and uses a type of pepper called fatalii pepper that has a twist of citrus flavor, which I never tasted until being introduced to it through Fuego Box.  This is a scorching sauce reinforced with orange and lemon juice along with garlic, onion and some awesome spices to give it a flaming deliciousness that is memorable.  Add some of this Fatalii to nachos in your cheese sauce for dunking and you will really love it.  Just be careful that you don’t pour too much because this stuff is devilishly hot.  You can always pour in more like I did because you want to feel your tongue.  Tomorrow, I will be experimenting with this on pizza.

The final sauce this month was Jersey Barnfire’s Black Garlic Hot Sauce, which happened to be the 2015 Screaming MiMi Award winner!  This dark sauce is a versatile one that has a bit of smokey sweetness for a nice balance to roasted peppers and black garlic that are so appealing.  I had this for the first time on scrambled eggs and it was fantastic.  You can also use this hot sauce in marinades to enhancing barbecue sauces as well as meats, eggs, fish, rice, and vegetables.

In my opinion, May 2016 was one of the best Fuego Box assortments yet.  With all seriousness, if you’re still debating what to buy Dad this Father’s Day, then I have your problem solved with a Fuego Box Hot Sauce subscription so Dad can spice up his snacks when he watches his games!