Sunday, July 24, 2016

How to Salvage a Nearly Empty Lip Gloss for a Makeup Save!

lip glosses in plexiglass box.jpeg
Though you can always toss or go with a different gloss, this makeup tip can help stretch your usage.

Don’t you hate when you’re nearly finished with your makeup only to find that the favorite lip gloss that you wanted to wear is nearly gone once you take that applicator out?  In this situation, you usually have two choices of either tossing out the product or hunting through your lip products for a similar color.  However, I have a better idea that helps get you out of this practically drained lip gloss fix that you’re going to love, especially when it delays disposing a prestige cosmetic prematurely.

All you need to do is to take the problem tube of lip gloss to a sink and run some hot water over it briefly for about a minute or so.  Surprisingly enough, the warmth loosens the remaining gloss that always manages to cling to the sides, replenishing the supply.  If you follow this makeup tip, then you will get another few times out of that tube.

Trust me, but you’ll love how well this lip gloss tip works!

Saturday, July 23, 2016

Mineral Fusion Dry Shampoo Review

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dry shampoos.jpeg
Mineral Fusion Dry Shampoos

Nothing beats washing your hair the old-fashioned way with shampoo and water for that ultimate clean feeling.  However, life is unpredictable.  For those occasions when you can’t get your head to a sink because of illness or a busy schedule, a dry shampoo like the new ones from vegan brand, Mineral Fusion can really come in handy.

Their new line that PR sent are available for medium to dark hair like mine with a tint to it and a light shade formula for $12.99.  Like all Mineral Fusion products, you have no need to fear sulfates, glutens or parabens in these dry shampoos.

What you can expect is a weightless powder that you spray from an aerosol-free pump that comes out as a fine, tinted mist.  How it cleans is unique with kaolin clay for dealing with oil and vegetarian keratin, olive and lavender for shine and fluffing it back with volume.  

After targeting my roots with the spray and working this dry shampoo through my hair with my hands, I was surprised at how well it freshened up my hair.  My advice is to check Mineral Fusion Dry Shampoo out at their website or Whole Foods.

Friday, July 22, 2016

How to Use Highlight and Contour to Improve Your Profile!

pretty woman profile.jpeg
This beauty's features are nicely balanced with her perfect profile.

Most of the time, we concentrate on a front view of our face when analyzing our features.  However, you might want to think about what your face looks like to others when you turn your head to the side.  Unless you feel that you have a perfectly portioned face where if you cut it in thirds would measure the same distance from your forehead to your eyebrows, eyebrows to the tip of your nose as well as from your nose to the chin, then congratulations, heredity was good to you.  If this rule does not apply to you, you may want to make some corrections to improve your appearance with a little artful use of makeup.

Thursday, July 21, 2016

Why You May Want to Reconsider How You Wash Your Face When Striving for a Lovelier Complexion!

redhead hiding her face with hair.jpeg
This beauty doesn't have to hide her face now that she knows this skin saving tip!

Though you go through all the motions of cleansing your face properly, if your complexion keeps breaking out, the reason could be more than just diet, hormones, stress, or workouts.   The method of how you wash your face can also contribute.

Fingers are not the best tools when it comes to cleansing.  Despite how well you wash your hands first, the nails can harbor bacteria that you may not see.  If trusting them to do the job, you could be introducing fresh bacteria, aggravating your skin problem.  

A better solution is using a fresh washcloth or a cotton square and gently exfoliating instead of using your hands each time you cleanse. This can help lessen the risk on piling on bacteria so your complexion may stand a better fighting chance.  

Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Besides Shaping the Figure and Improving Overall Health, Why Exercise Is Good for Your Brain!

jogging woman.jpeg
This beauty knows the value of exercise for keeping toned and focused.

If we’re being honest here, how many of us exercise as often as we should?  After all, our days are jam-packed between work and family that there just doesn’t seem to be enough time or energy left alone to think about it.  I was one of those people that made those excuses for avoiding exercise since I am practically attached to the computer almost like I was wired in from early morning until night like many of us now are. 

However, sitting too long at a time is not good for circulation, the backside or the brain. Yet, what if I told you that even the smallest amount of exercise can help you get on the right track?  

Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Summer Beauty 2016 Rouge Bunny Rouge Products Review + Swatches

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Summer Beauty 2016 Rouge Bunny Rouge Products assortment.jpeg
Summer Beauty 2016 Rouge Bunny Rouge products 

Trends come and go, but the look of classic elegance never goes out of style.  Looking chic and impeccably made-up with artistry through colors and quality cosmetics lends a certain polish to a face that is timeless just like what you can expect judging from the assortment of products from luxury brand, Russian and London based, Rouge Bunny Rouge for the vision of summer beauty.

Monday, July 18, 2016

Beauty Box 5 July 2016 Review

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Beauty Box 5 July 2016.jpeg
Beauty Box 5 July 2016

This month’s Beauty Box 5 assortment has makeup and tools to get you ready for a road trip.  If this beauty box subscription is new to you, then you really need to give it a shot because every little green box that arrives has five (full and sample size) beauty products that always are fun to go through for a cost of $12 per month with free shipping

Sunday, July 17, 2016

Rimmel Good to Glow Color Highlighter Line Review + Swatches

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Rimmel Good to Glow Color Highlighter Line.jpeg
Rimmel Good to Glow Color Highlighter Line

In the quest to look younger or wake up a dull complexion, illuminators can help with that goal.  Products like Rimmel London’s Good to Glow Color Highlighters that I sampled lately do add that touch of instant radiance to get skin beaming. 

Saturday, July 16, 2016

Gimmee Jimmy’s Cookies Review

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Gimmee Jimmy's two-pound assorted cookies and rugelach Tin.jpeg
Gimmee Jimmy's Two-Pounds of Assorted Cookies and Rugelach

Recently, I was approached about reviewing a cookie assortment from Gimmee Jimmy’s Cookies. Of course, it sounded too delicious to resist so I accepted the task to devour their freshly baked cookies and rugelach and share my opinion.

This tin was full of very soft, moist cookies that had a wonderful taste, but unfortunately did not ship well for the most part.  Some were broken already or later would fall apart once you went to sample.  What held up much better was their Chocolate and Cinnamon Rugelach, which were firmer than the others such as the Chocolate Chip, White Chocolate Chip, M & M cookies, and their Marble cookies.  Regardless, they really had a great, rich taste. 

You can find and explore what they have to offer at Gimmee Jimmy’s Cookies