Tuesday, December 28, 2010

I'm Nuts Over a Cheap Fix for Static Cling!

It's that great time of the year when you'll find dresses or blouses clinging because of cold weather.  If you're like me, your first thought would be to reach for that can of spray to save yourself from embarrassment and unnecessary sparks of static electricity.  However, I learned about a cheap alternative from a former co-worker--hand lotion!

Believe it or not, ordinary hand lotion is a safer and less expensive alternative to its commercial counterpart.  Instead of inhaling all those fumes from a chemical spray, I just take out my hand lotion and rub a little along my slip, camisole, or pantyhose.  The dress that formerly was riding up your thighs will suddenly fall gracefully down.  Like magic, you'll see a difference.  You'll discover no more clinging problems while doing your part to smell more sweetly.  Just reapply every so often and your clothes will stay where they're supposed to while those overworked hands stay nicely moisturized.

Guys can take advantage of this cheap fix as well.  Just rub a little hand lotion on those thighs and calves before putting on pants will keep that static electricity at bay.