Friday, January 21, 2011

The Importance of Table Talk

One of the best things I remember growing up was always sitting together with my family for dinner.  Like clockwork, we sat down around the table at six o'clock.  Mom never failed to have a home cooked meal with meat, potatoes, vegetables, and dessert. 

It seems those days are gone for many of us.  We live our lives in a rush. Today, most of us have to juggle work with family and still try to be everything to everybody from wife, employee, mother, chauffeur, maid, friend, tutor, and etc.  Many of us are too tired to cook from scratch or because of work obligations cannot even sit down together for a meal.  Husbands often are forced to work longer hours in this present economy and often miss dinner.  Even the teenagers land up eating on the run. 

However, I honestly believe eating a meal together as a  family is one of the most important ways to strengthen it.  Talking about each other's days helps children feel more emotionally stable and able to relate better.   This time is a good way for each family member to learn about each other's day, whether happy or sad.  Keeping this connection open can make a big difference.  

After this important family mealtime and all the important topics were discussed, try to have each member tell of one happy incident in their lives, to leave the table uplifted with happy thoughts.  Try this and watch how this simple form of togetherness will open the door for building an even closer family.