Friday, January 28, 2011

L'uvalla Certified Organic Skin Care Orange Toner Review

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Does your skin need a healthy boost of radiance then you should try L'uvalla Certified Organic Skin Care?  L'uvalla I have discovered goes the extra mile for the beauty consumer in producing environmentally friendly, effective skin care products that balance nature with the biochemical unison of your own skin.  Let me explain why I think L'uvalla  is different. 

L'uvalla Certified Organic Skin Care toner and samples.jpeg
L'uvalla Organe Toner and samples
Recently I received a bottle of their Orange Toner for Dry/Mature Skin.  Upon breaking the seal of this generous 6.7 fl. oz. size bottle, I felt invigorated by the delicate fresh scent of bitter orange that awaited me, almost like aromatherapy.  Yet once I dabbed my cotton ball to that bottle and applied it, the skin on my face felt cleaner and more comfortable while feeling refreshed from the natural botanic ingredients of this COSMEBIO manufacturer (the first company to be certified as 100% natural)!  

It would have been helpful to have received all three products in this line to use together over a course of time, however, my package came with several sample packets of some of their other products instead.  Based on a few times use, I cannot give as accurate an opinion on the performance of those other products, as if I had done so over a span of days. 

Nonetheless, I was impressed when I gazed at my reflection the more I used the L'uvalla Orange Toner which is also advertised as age defying.  My skin looked renewed and more vibrant than before I discovered this product.  I can only imagine what magical benefits other  L'uvalla products hold in store!  For those seeking a healthier, toxin-free way to beautify, then you owe it to yourself to follow my example and try L'uvalla for yourself.

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