Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Stressed Out? Try This DIY Herbal Bath!

Stress melts away through the benefits of aromatherapy.

The next time stress is getting the better of you, I hope you will try this simple fix for your bath.  I'm nuts about this homemade helper because it definitely makes a difference in making me unwind.

All you need is some cheesecloth or a sheer sort of material that water can penetrate through easily and a few herbs.  Herbs, on the most part, are easy to grow.  You can grow  them in your garden like I do and dry them out for the future. 

Take a piece of cheesecloth and wrap equal portions of dried lavender flowers, rosemary, thyme, and mint together to form a little pouch.  Secure this little bag with a tie of some sort.  Place this herbal pouch into your tub and run very hot water over it.  Allow the herbal formula to steep in this bath water for at least ten minutes to fully unleash the soothing effects of the mixture.

Now your private sanctuary is ready.  Jump in that tub, close your eyes, lean back while you clear your mind so the healing water can take over.  By the time you finished soaping up, you'll feel much better in both your body and spirit.  You'll feel more relaxed and ready to sleep.  So do try this little recipe and you'll be nuts about it too!