Friday, February 4, 2011

Auric Blends Perfumes Review

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Auric Blends five perfume products.jpeg
Auric Blends perfume products 

Did you realize a natural perfume is almost like a bit of aromatherapy?  Both use essential oils in their creations; however, natural perfumery uses a complex combination of those precious oils along with other natural ingredients to evoke each unique fragrance like product I recently reviewed from Auric Blends

I received Siren, one of their 100% natural  roll on perfumes to test.  In my opinion, this is a slightly spicy scent.  Tara, Pele and Layla are the three others in their Auric Blends Naturals line in the .22 fl. oz. bottle.   I can't say from personal experience what  those other scents are like, but the scent I was provided was beautiful besides being long lasting.  They are reasonably priced as well at $11.95 to $15.95! 

Another item I got to try was their Temple Essence Royal Amber Perfume Solid.  Rich, spicy, warm and sweetly intoxicating, it made me feel sexy when wearing it.  This is only  one of their 14 perfume solids which sell for only $8.00 each.

Next, I experimented with three of their perfume oils.  Even though Egyptian Goddess is their most popular perfume, I was an even bigger fan of gently romantic, Water GoddessLove  was beautiful as well.  What surprised me was their bargain for this line of 39 perfumes, priced at $7.00 each for 1/3 oz.!

Auric Blends also sent me a package of their Seduction incense that comes in a pack of 20.  This product was very fragrant and so aptly named for when you want to create that special mood. They have 12 fragrances also available in the 20 sticks per package.  In addition, they offer 49 other fragrances in their packaged incense.  You can even buy bulk incense.

Perhaps, the name Auric Blends is new to you.  I know the company was to me.  But now that I have discovered them, I definitely can't wait to try more of their other perfumes.  I think you will too once you experience one of their perfumes for yourself.

Thanks to Auric Blends, four lucky Nuts 4 Stuff readers will win one perfume of their choice from the website except for the 1.7 oz. Love or 1.87 oz. Egyptian Goddess perfumes!  This giveaway is open to residents of the United States only.