Sunday, February 27, 2011

Make Your Own Treated Dust Cloths and Save!

The next time you run out of those expensive packages of pre-treated dusting cloths, you should try making a batch of your own.  For a just little effort and a lot less money, you'll be surprised at how well your homemade cloths will work catching that bothersome dust.

Formula for Treated Dust Cloths

1 tablespoon mild soap powder
1 quart warm water
1 tablespoon ammonia
2 tablespoons boiled linseed oil
flannel rags

Combine all the ingredients to form a solution.  Soak flannel rags inside the solution thoroughly and then wring well.  Hang to dry.  Then store your treated cloths in a plastic covered container.

You can use any rags available but they must be able to absorb the solution.  Ditch any of those polyester combination materials because they won't work the way they should.  However, flannel is a nice, soft and absorbent choice that the solution will penetrate.