Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Wax Paper Solutions You May Not Be Aware of!

You might think that roll of wax paper is just for packing lunches or lining that cake pan to easily remove each layer of cake you bake.  However, I found some helpful household solutions you may want to try out to save yourself some time and  work!

Next time you clean your chrome fixtures in your bathroom or kitchen you may want to rub a sheet of wax paper over those fixtures before you declare the job done.  If you do, you will notice the wax paper will lightly coat that chrome surface and help prevent water spots and finger smudges.

If you use a handheld can opener, this is a neat trick.  Take a clean sheet of wax paper and rub it over the gears of that opener.  You'll be surprised at how nicely the wax paper loosens dried particles of food and other debris that can get stuck there after each use when it falls out in front of you.  Besides, you'll appreciate how rubbing some wax paper over the gears helps to make that opener miraculously work better with just a little lubrication.

Another problem you can solve by using wax paper pertains to spills on books.  Insert a sheet of wax paper between each wet page and let this dry.  Those pages won't crinkle badly and will look as normal as possible except for the color of what spilled.  This wax paper method works wonderfully on books with water spills.

If you cook with cast iron like I do for the extra iron it releases into your food, I discovered that wax paper between each cast iron skillet when stacking does a good job in preventing rust when stored. 

Candles are often hard to store without getting chipped or nicked in the process.  Colored candles can even be worse.  However, if you roll candles in sheets of wax paper and twist the ends to seal before storing them, they will hold up better and have a newer appearance.  

If you any zippers that stick, you might try rubbing a candle over the teeth of that zipper before you put it away in wax paper.  This trick will make that stuck zipper glide up and down easily!