Tuesday, June 7, 2011

How to Save Those Natural Curls From Dryness and Frizz!

Anyone with some natural curl in their hair knows the problems that often come with it.  However, you can help manage to keep those curls behaving and looking their best with a few simple tricks. 

More moisture for this type of hair is the key.  While you are in the shower or bathing and shampooing, do yourself a favor by leaving your conditioner in longer for at least five minutes before immediately rinsing, but not completely out.  You can even leave the conditioner in without rinsing if you use it sparingly, which I prefer. 

Naturally curly hair should have a deep hair conditioning treatment more often then other hair types of once a month.  Feed your hungry curls that hair food every three weeks or even two weeks with a deep conditioning hair masque.

One thing to avoid is never roughly towel drying those curls.    Be gentle with that towel and either air dry or diffuse or use your hair dryer to maintain control unless you want to risk kinking it into an untamable mass. 

The best thing to try after the conditioning step is to apply your styling products to your wet hair, not slightly damp hair.  Change your current method and already you will be gaining more control.

Look for styling products with a liquid silicone based de-frizzing power when shopping.  Follow with a curl defining product or a mousse or gel to add to your beauty routine. 

If you just change these few simple things, you will also change the amount of time you devote to fighting those hair problems once and for all! 

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