Saturday, August 27, 2011

Save Money on Back-to-School Clothes With a Swapping Party

Everything seems to keep getting higher in price with no end in sight.  However, I have a fantastic idea to help stretch your back-to-school clothing budget while you have fun at the same time.  What I'm talking about is organizing a clothing swap party with friends that have children.

We all know how quickly children outgrow clothes.  Often, clothes are hardly worn, which make a friendly get-together to trade outfits a great way to save money.  At the same time, you can catch up with friends over coffee and one of my pie recipes, perhaps, and turn this recycling into a great time. 

The best bet is to invite the friends with children that happen to be around the same age, sex, and body build to assure there is suitable merchandise to trade.   Just remember, the more friends that you invite, the better the selection will be available.  You can even include books or toys as part of the exchange.

Mornings probably are the ideal time to schedule your swap party or evenings.  I prefer mornings because you can finish before dinner needs to be made and the entire family reports home.

Think of this, even if you get one or two beautiful items that fit your child and are wearable, you will come out ahead.  Your only other option is to donate those outgrown clothes.  Though I applaud you, many of us are forced in this tight economy to stretch every dollar as far as possible, making this suggestion worth consideration. 

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