Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Make Your Own Herbal Sleep Potion Potpourri!

We all have restless nights and end up staring at the bedroom ceiling instead of getting sleep.  However, I have discovered a wonderful natural aid to help you drift off with a peaceful state of mind with this wonderful homemade recipe.

What I found especially helpful is making a sleep potion potpourri sachet bag to keep near your pillow.  This beneficial aroma has the power to soothe you when stressed, somehow, as you breathe it in.

This is a wonderful potpourri to make and save for those awful nights when sleep seems impossible. 

Herbal Sleep Potion Potpourri

3 cups of spearmint
3 cups of rose leaves
1 cup of whole cloves
1 ounce of orris root (fixative)

Dry the mint (leaves and also stems) and the rose leaves on a screen in a warm place so the air can circulate properly.  You can also resort to drying them on a sheet of newspaper in a warm spot.

When this is dry, mix with cloves and the orris root.  Put in a glass jar and cover tightly with a lid for a few weeks, stirring occasionally. 

You can just open when needed or make some sachet bags to keep handy.

This is a wonderful potpourri to make and save for those awful nights.


Annie1 said...

I WILL be trying this!


Rebecca said...

Going to have to try this out!

Thanks :)

Lisa Staten said...

Amazing! I had found this exact recipe with some very old family recipes from my great-grandmother!