Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Nutra Luxe MD's NUTRA SONIC Wrinkle Spot Treatment System Review and Giveaway!--Ends October 11, 2011 

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Nutra Luxe MD's NUTRA SONIC Wrinkle Spot Treatment System.jpeg
Nutra Luxe MD's NUTRA SONIC Wrinkle Spot Treatment System

Beautiful more youthful skin is something we constantly are striving for.  Most of us will spend tons of money trying one product after the next searching for that promise of a miracle in a jar that will transform our complexions beyond belief.  But I found something that virtually erases some of your finer wrinkles when I got to review the Nutra Sonic Wrinkle Spot Treatment System from Nutra Luxe MD.

The kit includes:  the infusor, a universal charger, Wrinkle Créme (.05 oz.), Eye Lifting Serum (.33 oz.), silicon attachments, the brush attachment, and a very nice silver toiletry travel bag. 

Honestly,  I was uncertain how this system would work when I looked at the sonic infusor to deliver their product for maximum absorption and benefits.  However, I was anxious to see how effectively this device would work to improve my own appearance.  Therefore, I happily read the directions and plugged my infusor (with the head facing the outlet) for the recommended 24 hour period first to charge it fully.  

The next day I eagerly looked to my clock because the time of charging was nearly over.  I went to cleanse my face first and then unplugged it.

I gently applied some of the eye serum around my eyes with the roller ball tip.   Once satisfied with my work, I uncapped the infusor tip on the original silicone head added a small dab of the serum first and powered the device up.  

According to the directions, you can use circular motions or follow a linear path when using the infusor.  I worked the loaded infusor under my eye for about 60 seconds and circled around the eye to stimulate fluid drainage of my puffy, allergy eyes.  I repeated this process and time of treatment with the other eye.

You will notice a slight tickling effect as the infusor works.  However, you do get used to the feeling.  This tickling lessens also if you move along the area and then repeat instead of remaining on a spot too long.                       

Then I changed the head and stuck on the brush adaptor and watched as it seemed to shrink some of the swelling around my eyes while I worked it.  

This serum has a special Peptide complex to collect fluid for drainage that really did lighten my dark allergic shiners as well reducing morning puffiness.  I also couldn't believe how the fine lines beneath my eyes seemed to vanish. 

I was so impressed that I cleaned off the silicone head and brush with alcohol because I was eager to try the wrinkle creme and the infusor next on the rest of my face.

Again, I dabbed some wrinkle creme on some of my fine lines near my cheeks and one near the corner of an eyebrow and gently massaged the areas I wanted to repair.  Then, I powered up the infusor and went to the mirror to hopefully iron out my problems.  

You feel relaxed during the massage this device delivers.  At the same time, your state of mind becomes involved because you will feel good inside just anticipating what the results might be.

Seriously, I must admit the Nutra Sonic Wrinkle Treatment System did make a difference in plumping up those light wrinkles even before attachment of the brush to finish massaging more of the creme into those spots with the infusor.  My skin was softer and hydrated without needing anything extra.

Furthermore, I noticed even more improvement with additional treatments to both my eye and face areas that I needed to correct. 

I'm not sure how often you need to use this system, however, I did it three times in one week and loved the results.  Right now, I think my face looks greatly improved and no other immediate treatment is necessary.  I will wait and see when to do another by checking the mirror, but I will probably give myself another treatment in a week for upkeep.

Anyone that has some slight wrinkling or puffy eyes or dark circle problems that need to be taken care should definitely check out this marvelous system.  You will really see a change in your appearance even after the first time of use.   How many treatments needed does depend on your own face.

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