Saturday, October 15, 2011

Make My Homemade Brown Sugar Body Scrub for Silky Smooth Skin!

The next time you want to indulge in a luxurious spa-like treatment to get petal-soft skin, then I have just what you need with this wonderful homemade body scrub.  Unlike a plain sugar scrub, this one has a softer texture with brown sugar and is gentle enough to exfoliate even if you have sensitive skin.

This recipe isn't as expensive as it might appear even though it uses my preference of almond oil,  an essential oil, and Vitamin E capsules.  You will be getting a few times out of a batch, which can last for about a month in the refrigerator.

The important thing is to bath or shower first and then follow with this scrub.  Use gentle, circular motions and work the scrub over your body, concentrating on rough areas. 

When you finish, you simply rinse the scrub away with warm water. Do not soap up again afterwards.  You want to benefit from the nourishing moisture of the almond oil and healing qualities of the Vitamin E as it penetrates your skin. 

Besides, smelling the orange essential oil is aromatherapy and will help uplift your spirits and lessen stress. 

I hope you try this great recipe sometime.  You will love how pampered your skin will feel.  On the same note, using the orange essential oil does also seem to melt troubles away as well!

My Brown Sugar Body Scrub

1/3 cup of almond oil (olive oil, pure sesame oil (not roasted) or even canola or corn oil)
2/3 cup of packed brown sugar
8 drops of orange essential oil or (essential oil of your choice ) or 1 tablespoon of vanilla
2 Vitamin E capsules (prick with a pin and squeeze out the contents to later add to your scrub mixture)

All you do is measure out the packed brown sugar and mix in the almond oil (or oil of your choice), essential oil (or vanilla), and the contents of 2 Vitamin E  400-unit capsules into a mixing bowl.  Separate into several airtight containers to store. 

You can use glass jars or clean plastic peanut butter jars for this purpose for up to a month.  I like to place mine in the refrigerator as an extra precaution.

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