Sunday, October 30, 2011

Need to Puff Up Goose Down Pillows or Jackets?

The one thing I hate about goose down comforters, pillows, or jackets are how those feathers seem to eventually bunch up in one spot.  However, I found a great little trick that helps get those problem feathers back where they belong!

The next time you notice your goose down is landing in one spot, then throw that item in your washer and use cold water for that load. 

Now when it's time to take it to the dryer, you need to throw in three fresh tennis balls with that goose dump item.  These clean tennis balls will do the work of what all your pulling and pushing hands can't ever seem to accomplish getting those tricky feathers back in shape.

Trust me, but you will love how just a few new tennis balls will help fix that frustrating problem!