Saturday, March 3, 2012

Want the Secret for Beautiful Hair?

There are tons of wonderful hair products capable of changing texture, improve the shine, and repair damage.  However, the ultimate secret to growing long silky strands often starts from within.

If you hair doesn't have that lustrous shine and takes forever to grow, you may be deficient in that important hair essential of zinc.  Another clue that you may have not enough zinc in your diet is if you have a dandruff problem.

Zinc comes in lean beef, chicken, peanut butter and chickpeas.  You can also take a supplement.  Check with your doctor on the dosage that is best for you.

Trust me, if you want to grow your hair quickly, you need to get more zinc.  I take a supplement three times a day with calcium (333 mg.), magnesium (133 mg.), vitamin D (200 I.U), and zinc (5 mg) and my hair grows like a weed.