Sunday, July 22, 2012

Work Magic With the Right Shades of Smoky Metallic Eye Shadows for You!

You see those gorgeous smoky metallic eye shadows that are so enticing in the store.  And yet, you later find at home that those shades just don't compliment your eyes in the way you had hoped.  If this keeps happening to you, there is a trick that could help figure out the best metallic eye shadow shades for you.

Those with fair to medium skin can basically pull off any metallic shade without running into any trouble.  However, is your skin is dark, you should head for golden or bronze colors and steer clear of silver shades.  Having a darker complexion can make silver shades look ashy against your skin.

To really make smoky metallic eye shadows their most stunning try sweeping the shadow over the entire lid, blending upward as you work.  Next add some color under the lower lashlines for intensity.  Finish with dark eyeliner against the lashlines and several coats of black mascara.  This technique will create a dramatic smoky metallic eye like a pro.