Thursday, September 27, 2012

How to Tell If You're a Sunrise Or Sunset Coloring

Searching for a foolproof method of determining whether you're a sunrise or sunset type of coloring so you can be aware of the colors that flatter you the best, then I have an easy solution. 

Women with golden skin tones should seek out colors you see when the sun goes down (terra-cotta, warm reds, and tangerine).

If you happen to have fairer or cool skin tones, then look for cooler shades from in a sunrise (hot pink or blue) to really compliment you.

Another way to tell what type of coloring you may be is by checking under your wrist.  Green veins classify you as sunset coloring while those with blue are sunrise.  However, you could always see both shades of veins so if that is the case go with muted selections of either sunrise or sunset.

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Heather! said...

I have never heard these terms. Thank you! This is very helpful, and explains why I tend to look better in photos where I'm wearing pink...even though I kind of hate pink! :)