Friday, December 28, 2012

Has Frizzy Hair Got You Down?

Are you doing everything possible to prevent your hair from frizzing?  Yet, despite our best efforts we can often end up with it.  So what are we doing wrong?

Take a look at the type of blow-dryer you have.  Chances are frizz will be less of a problem if you change to an ionic model.  The reason an ionic dryer is better is due to the far-infrared heat technology that helps create the smoothest hair.

Another suggestion you might want to explore is to pick up an anti-frizz cream.  Make sure you look for ingredients like silicone and vitamin E.  Those two ingredients are known to work the best to soften and hydrate blow-dried hair.

For further suggestions on how to conquer this problem, I hope you will read my other post on battling frizzy hair.

Check these simple tips out because you have nothing but frustration to loose and only beautiful hair to gain!