Tuesday, January 8, 2013

An Aquatic Floral Escape: Thymes Naia Cologne Review

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Thymes Naia Cologne.jpeg
Thymes Naia Cologne 

Your day can be stressful.  However, I found a great way to experience a beautiful sense of calm thanks to Thymes, the creative collaborative in Minneapolis, Minnesota.  You see I just discovered the comforting magic of their Naia Cologne and it is a delightful escape. 

Though it is classified as a green scent, I think of Naia as more of an aquatic floral fragrance as well.  With tart yazu, lychee, and crisp notes from lemon pulp, the scent opens with sparkling freshness before it meets up with watery notes.  The water lily, cyclamen and bamboo leaves add a tranquil element to this mix to allow this scent to soften and leisurely drift from that floral influence.  

As the herbs appear more prominently, the fragrance takes on an energizing green note to that aquatic floral, uplifting the scent while keeping it light.  

When the Hinoki wood and sheer musk finally emerge, this scent warms in an amazing way to make it exceptionally graceful and feminine.

If you hate overpowering fragrances, but love a light floral with watery and green notes, you would cherish this one.  

To me, the fragrance of Naia is bright, clean, and full of joy that is so easy to wear, especially when you need a lift and pleasant fragrance escape to soothe your soul.

This cologne sells for $33 for a 1.75 oz. spray.  Other options in the Naia collection include soap, bath salts, body lotion, bubble bath, body wash, candle, hand cream, home fragrance mist, hand wash, hand lotion, and a sink set.  Do look into Naia and allow yourself to be whisked away to your own special happy place!

*Disclaimer:  This is my own honest opinion.  A free product was provided to facilitate this review.*