Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Fragrance to Soothe Your Soul! Thymes Azur Body Water Review

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Thymes Azur Body Water.jpeg
Thymes Azur Body Water

Are you the type mainly attracted to breezy ocean fragrances?  If so, then Thymes Azur Body Water may just fit the bill to carry you off from the rigors of your day. With its special restorative blend of scientifically formulated ingredients of sea herbs, minerals, and vitamins, this light marine fragrance might be your ticket to a relaxing ocean voyage from the comfort of your home.

Unlike Naia Cologne, another reviving marine type scent that I had previously reviewed from the creative Minneapolis collective known as Thymes, the Azur Body Water has less of a floral influence.   Due to the white tea to dilute the water lily and jasmine, this beautiful fragrance also has a watery floral delicateness but only with a hint of those flowers.  However, once the crisp bergamot and influx of green from herbs emerge, this scent becomes even fresher somehow than the Naia. 

When you detect those notes of amber, vanilla, and musk, this fragrance leaves you with a comforting peacefulness to those watery notes, almost like you are inhaling the combined essences of nature's flowers, green  grasses, and musk, drifting in from the sea.  This has a clean and calming quality that does seem to help put you in a better state of mind.

I highly recommend the Azur fragrance line to anyone that is looking for a soft marine scent that is easy to wear while being clean and so refreshing.  Such gentleness in this watery floral is especially wonderful to wear to work without being intrusive and overpowering to others.  At the same time, this may be just the prescription for staying grounded and relaxed throughout normal stresses of  your day.