Saturday, February 2, 2013

Be Skin Savvy for Best At-Home Facial Results!

Are you properly preparing your skin first to get the most out of your at-home facial?  If not, you could be cheating your complexion.  However, there is a simple strategy that you might want to follow the next time you plan on giving yourself a facial that will definitely help you get maximum beautiful skin benefits.

Start with cleansing your face, but not at the sink.  Step into your shower and wash.  Be sure to bring along a facial scrub to follow with.  You will apply it using circular motions  to start the process. 

Give yourself time in the shower and allow the steam to fully penetrate your pores.  Along with the scrub stimulating your circulation and removing dead cells, the steam itself softens the skin for the best absorption of that facial mask.

Once you do finish, pat your face dry before smoothing the mask over your entire face, avoiding eyes and lips.  Piling up the mask too thickly will lessen its effectiveness.  More important is to apply the mask in an even layer  instead of clumping it in spots.

If you have serious complexion issues to deal and need a bit more help, you might think of trying a glycolic peel. This type of product is more intensive working than any scrub to exfoliate, minimize fine lines, and discoloration problems.  Also, if you suffer with breakouts from oily skin, a glycolic peel can help rid that oil accumulation in your pores more thoroughly.

Use your glycolic peel no more than once a week.  Overdoing the treatments with a strong peel like this could leave you red and peeling in spots, not to mention hurting.  Those with sensitive skin should only use one about twice a month to keep your skin in its best condition.

I hope these simple tips help give you the perfect, glowing complexion that you deserve!