Wednesday, February 27, 2013

No More Ugly Sweaters! Lilly Brush Fabric Pill Remover Review!

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Lilly Brush Fabric Pill Remover

Don't you hate when your favorite sweaters, jackets, or other beloved item gets those little nasty fabric pills, lint, or pet hairs attaching to cause you grief?  Of course, you could donate that less than perfect garment or try solving the problem at home in another way.  One product you should try is the Lilly Brush that I am reviewing for iFabbo and here's why.

To really put this product through its paces, I tested it on a wounded wool jacket first.  However, it works on all natural fibers besides wool from cotton, cashmere, angora, etc.

The best way to use this brush is to work on small sections of the plagued area at a time.  Using a back and forth motion, I zapped most of the lint that somehow found my cuffs.

The next time, I gave the Lilly Brush a tougher assignment.  I have a cardigan sweater that I save for gardening.   Though it has its share of fabric pills, I love how comfortable it is when working outside in the privacy of my secluded garden.  Therefore, I was curious how much help this brush could do for something uglier like this particular sweater.

Gradually, I began seeing a vast improvement in dislodging those ugly fabric pills.  As I mentioned, this sweater has issues and required a lot more brushing than my wool jacket.  Nonetheless, I kept treating it until it was hardly recognizable.  This brush didn't clear everything because I got tired of rubbing, but it did take away about 75% of those fabric pills, which was amazing to me considering the original condition of this sweater.  

If I probably spent more time on it, I am confident it probably would zap up the rest of those fabric pills.  Finishing that task is what I plan to do over the weekend.

What else I though was great about the Lilly Brush was it is a smaller brush with its own plastic carrying case for throwing in your handbag.  This is so handy for repairing your garments when out.  

Here is a good example.   A friend of mine has this hairy, white beast of a dog, more like the size of a fat pony, that is sweet but sheds like crazy.  Since he habitually greets everyone, he never fails to get his long Samoyed hairs all over my clothes when visiting.  This brush saved the day when I later pulled it out.

After that dog, I had to clean the Lilly Brush.  All that I had to do was use some soap and water on it and rinse followed by a few brisk taps before allowing it to dry.

I highly recommend buy a Lilly Brush because you will be surprised at how well it works.  You can find it here.

*Disclaimer:  This is my own honest opinion.  A free product was provided solely to facilitate this review.*