Wednesday, March 13, 2013

I'm Nuts About This Fresh Fragrance for Spring! NEW 2013 Unbreakable Love Eau de Toilette By Khloe & Lamar (Review)

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Unbreakable Love Eau de Toilette.jpeg
Unbreakable Love Eau de Toilette by Khloe & Lamar is as fresh as spring.

Prepare for the newly launched fragrance of February 2013 from Khloe Kardashian and Lamar Odom with their Unbreakable Love.  This is their third fragrance and it is sure to please as an exciting choice for Spring.  Once again the famous former couple mix it up for a surprising take on a fresh unisex fragrance that is lively as well as one that flirts.

Instead of any brisk crispness, the fragrance opens more laid back with sparkling notes of neroli and bergamot floating in blue water to deliberately tease.  Delicately softened from citrus and yet bursting with hidden playful energy, the scent is sheer brightness before unveiling its floral heart. 

With notes of muguet, bamboo flower, and  petitgrain, Unbreakable Love shows it romantic nature, finely spiced  with touches of cardamon to lend a little mystery and beautiful definition.

The base is subtly sexy and hard to run from.  Once the cedarwood begins to burn, there is a comfortable but growing irresistible heat at work.  Notes of tonka bean and musk fan the flames to keep that spreading heat at a minimum wonderfully before it consumes you.

This is a very well done fragrance in my opinion.  If you like a dewy freshness with an aromatic effect from your citrus fragrances, seasoned to perfection with enough floral to make it romantic, then you would find this light fragrance enchanting.   I know that I certainly am a fan.

Do get a whiff and then be good to yourself or your guy and pick up a bottle of Unbreakable Love--and welcome Spring in style!