Friday, April 19, 2013

Review: Every Beauty's All in One Foot Smoother and 3 in 1 Nail File to Make Your Feet and Hands Happy!

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 Every Beauty's All in One Foot Smoother and 3 in 1 Nail File.jpeg
Every Beauty's All in One Foot Smoother and 3 in 1 Nail File

I am so hyped over these products from Every Beauty that unexpectedly arrived at my door.  You may think big deal over ordinary products to work on your hands and feet for smoothing nails and skin.  However, you have no idea how extraordinarily well they performed.  Once I explain the situation, you will understand and want to buy these also.

My mother is older and has a bent (hammer toe) on one foot from arthritis.  Thick, very hard skin surrounds that toe nail at the bottom and close to the top of the nail across.  This makes it uncomfortable for her to walk in shoes.  We have tried all sorts of soaks, lotions, oils, pedicure tools, and files without much success--that is until we used the All in One Foot Smoother from Every Beauty

Every Beauty's mani-pedi products.jpeg
Every Beauty's mani-pedi products

Unlike a pumice stone, this is a gently curved sponge for easy maneuvering with a coarse and finer side along with useable edges for dermabrasion as well.  You will be able to get any higher spots with rough, thick skin so much better with this tool because of this design but also due to the texture of the sponge itself.

My mother soaked her feet in warm water and suds to soften them the best she before thoroughly drying.  We started with the coarse side and rubbed with steady, but soft pressure over that problem spot.  Before long, we noticed that lump beginning to decrease.  We kept going until the area became tender after a while of filing.  

Nonetheless, the high rough skin near the top of that hammer toe was nearly smooth now and almost flat, which excited us tremendously.  Let me tell you how much easier this made it later when she slipped on her shoes. 

I almost forgot to mention this product helps with corns.  We worked on one on her little toe with the finer side briefly.  In the process, we peeled some skin and smoothed over the corn a bit.  We didn't get rid of it, but this was a good start because it did cut into the corn somewhat.  We will continue using this but gently and gradually to further take it down.

Maintenance of this tool is simple.  Cleaning involves running hot water over it.  Next, I doused it with alcohol over every part to saturate it for killing germs.  I parked it for about ten minutes and then rinsed it with more hot water before allowing it to dry.

I found the Every Beauty 3 in 1 Nail File was also wonderful.  This looks like a mini computer mouse with a stainless steel edge that is straight then curved for filing.  This device does not fray nails like emery boards often can or make all that dust when you file.  

Honestly, I think these products are outstanding and you need to pick them up.  Normally the All in One Foot Smoother and the Every Beauty 3 in 1 Nail File retail for $4.99 each, but they are currently on sale for $3.99 a piece.  Visit Every Beauty and buy these!   You can thank me later.  

*Disclaimer:  This is my own honest opinion.  Free products were provided to facilitate this review.*