Monday, May 20, 2013

Create Some Eye Excitement for Less Than You Think! NEW From NYC New York Color HD Trios (Review)--Photos + SWATCHES!

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NYC New York Color Cosmetics

The way to impress for less was made available to me from NYC New York Color when I got to review their new line of HD Trio Eye Shadows.  There are twelve compacts of incredible eye-catching combinations that deserve your attention.  They are priced at a fraction of what you would expect to pay for what you can also do with these.

You can count on wonderful pigmentation in this coordinated palette of highlight, lid, and crease color.  This collection has lots of very wearable neutral trios and a few dramatic ones to satisfy your variety of moods and occasions for daytime business to nighttime glam or fun.  Some have sparkle and others are more matte in this powder formula with green tea extract and vitamins A and E.  

Another bonus is this compact still come with an applicator, which is welcome news since many companies are failing to spend a few extra pennies to provide one these days or even provide enough room to store your own tool inside! 

These shadows do come on rather sheer and work best if you use primer first to keep them intact longer.  However, the look of a softer eye comes in handy for summer.  If you want the shade deepened, I found giving it another sweep of shadow over the primer helped a bit. 

Here is a group shoot in the photo below.  Starting at the top row going from left to right is:  #791 Urban Spice (beige, forest green, and pale rust), #786 Skyrise Steel (bone, charcoal gray, and silver), and  #781 Long Beach Sands (peach, beige, and warm medium brown). 

NYC New York Color HD Trios eye shadow compacts.jpeg
NYC New York Color HD Trios

The second row underneath  from left to right consist of #782 Bronzed in Brooklyn (golden beige, deep cool brown, and gold-bronze), #790 Concrete Jungle (off-white, navy, and silver), and #789 West Vintage (grass green, violet, and pale green). 

In the third row going from left to right is: #785 Central Park Plum (peach, a brown-beige, and red plum), #784 Blues Cafe (sky blue, a cool light brown, and midnight blue), and #788 Late Night Latte (golden brown beige, lavender, and medium brown). 

The fourth row from left to right has:  #783 Oh SoHo Sweet (beige, a cool medium brown, and soft pink), #792 Streets Paved In Gold (yellow gold, medium brown, and burnished gold), and ending with #787 The Liberty Lilacs (lilac, pink, and mauve) on the right.

Today, I will concentrate on six that I swatched and will show you the others in another post.  Take a look at the next photo starting from the left are the three shades in #792 Streets Paved In Gold followed by #782 Oh SoHo Sweet and finishing with #783 The Liberty Lilacs on the right.

NYC New York Color HD Trios swatches.jpeg
The shades are so basic and perfect for every day.

#783 Oh SoHo Sweet is on the left, #792 Streets Paved in Gold (middle) and #783 The Liberty Lilacs on the right in the following photo.

NYC New York Color HD Trios second three.jpeg
Look at these lovely HD Trio shades.

In the next shot, #791 Urban Spice is on the left with #781 Long Beach Sands in the middle and ending with #786 Skyrise Steel on the right.

NYC New York Color HD Trio Second set of swatches.jpeg
These are quite neutral shades.

#781 Long Beach Sands in on the left, #786 Skyrise Steel (middle) and #791 Urban Spice on the right in the photo below.

NYC New York Color third set of HD Trios.jpeg
Here is the last of the  HD Trios to show you.  If you're like me, then you'll be tempted to want them all. 

I did think these NYC New York Color HD Trio Eye Shadows were great to experiment with.  I only wish the compact was sturdier to protect the shadow more.  These do crumble if dropped like anything else so be careful of throwing them in your bag without cradling them in a cosmetic case.  Regardless, at less than $5, you can afford to replace it easily enough!

*Disclaimer:  This is my own honest opinion.  Free products were provided solely to facilitate this review.*