Monday, May 6, 2013

Review: Reel Him in With NYC New York Color's NEW Sparkle Eye Dust Shadows Collection for Eyes!

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NYC New York Color

Ladies, if you want to reel in his attention, I got just the bait for you with NYC New York Color's new Sparkle Eye Dust Shadows that recently hit store shelves this spring.  These ten highly pigmented tubes of loose powder shadows are loaded beautifully with metallic like color for maximum impact.  

With stunning colors like #887 Brilliant Sapphire (a bold deep blue), #886 Aquamarine Sparkle (a pale turquoise), #879 Opal Sparkle (beaming white light), #884 Bronze Shimmer  (a rich copper-bronze), #885 Amethyst Dazzle (an adorable lilac), #888 Diamond Dust (gleaming silver), #880 Golden Champagne (a beige-gold shimmer), #881 Pink Topaz (a radiant soft pink), #883 Amber Glitz (a glowing gold-bronze) and #882 Smokey Topaz (a purple amber), the selection is sure to please. 

From left to right in the photo below is:  #880, #884, #879, #872, #883, #885, #887, #881, #888 and ending with #886 on the right. 

NYC New York Color's NEW Sparkle Eye Dust Shadows Collection.jpeg
NYC New York Color's NEW Sparkle Eye Dust Shadows Collection
These shadows are packaged like a slim lipstick or lip gloss that  you pull out the sponge applicator with the powder.  Be careful of how quickly you take it out because you could spill flecks on yourself or elsewhere until you get the hang of using it.  By the time you dip your sponge back in, you will be amazed at that dynamic shimmer of color. 

Some of the shades had noticeably more fine glitter sparkling through the shimmer than others.  Nonetheless, the result is a striking and dramatic metallic effect that you can pull off inexpensively at $2.99 each.  

I advise wearing an eye primer underneath if you intend to wear this shadow all day.  Otherwise, you might have creasing problems in about four hours if you skip priming.  That extra minute it takes to apply the primer is well worth the payoff of how long this stunning color will keep your eyes extra riveting, especially helpful on date nights.

Another thing you should keep in mind is these shadows adhere well once they are on your lids and are best removed with a heavier duty eye makeup remover such as an oil-based waterproof eye makeup remover.  This formula completely takes off every trace easily.

Keeping everything I said in mind, I think you will love these NYC New York Color Sparkle Eye Dust Shadows for experimenting with new looks for dazzling metallic eyes at a fraction of what you could expect to pay.  Check your drugstores or their website and let the eye flirtations begin!

*Disclaimer:  This is my own honest opinion.  Free products were provided solely to facilitate this review.*