Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Judith August Cosmetics Gotcha Covered and Pencil Concealers Review + Camouflage Makeup Book & EraseZit Concealer Pencil ($123) Giveaway! (3 Winners!)--Ends May 20, 2013

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two Judith August pencil concealers.jpeg
On  top is Judith August's Sunkissed Beige and Pure Beige.  

One of the most important cosmetics in my cosmetic bag happens to be concealer.  In fact, I have all forms from thick sticks in a tube, heavier cream versions, thinner consistencies to apply with a wand, pots of medium consistency to brush or finger on and pencils to tackle different problems on my face.  If this scares you, then it should because finding a perfect concealer for your individual needs often can be daunting unless you run into great products and master the art of concealment.  Those two variables are critical together because without either, disappointment and a hefty collection of concealers is what you'll end up with.

An excellent place to start is with what I received from Judith August Cosmetics for this review.  Everything Pencils for face and body conceal dark under eye circles, broken capillaries, bruises, birthmarks, and age spots.  These handy pencils are creamy but miraculously cover and seem to last for hours without disappearing or settling into creases.  

two Judith August pencil concealers.jpeg
Here is Golden Beige on top with Pink Glow beneath.

The EraseZit Antiseptic Concealer Pencil is what everyone needs when dealing with pimples, acne scars and any red irritations to hide and heal, but not get infected due to applying the product.  I don't know about you but I am guilty of dabbing ordinary concealer on a zit only to make matters worse.  This can save you from really making the situation ugly thanks to Tea Tree oil, camphor, aloe vera,  and vitamin E for a less intrusive way to dry them up. 

EraseZit Concealer Pencil.jpeg
EraseZit Concealer Pencil

In addition, the helpful book three of you can win,  Gotcha Covered, The Compact Guide to Camouflage Makeup by Judith August with Susan Haller, shows you insider beauty secrets and techniques that give you better results.

Camouflage Makeup Book.jpeg
Camouflage Makeup Book

You will be surprised at what valuable lessons await in this book.  One interesting tip is reconsidering the colors you usually buy for concealing.  Dark allergic shiners look less noticeable if you pick up a concealer with pink or pinky beige tones.  A pink related choice will brighten the darkness better.  This is just one example.

Depending on your problem and its severity, you will find the right concealer, tool, and technique to keep it hidden from the world.  Solutions devised at home to improve the look of eye wrinkles or aid with irritated allergy eyes are also in this book.   I could go on, but I will stop here because this is a thorough work on the subject.

I really do like these Judith August Cosmetics concealing products I have tried and am impressed with all the information compacted into this book that I was not aware of before.  If you have problems to conceal, I definitely encourage you to check her products and you may save yourself frustration, money, and building a collection of concealers!

Thanks to Judith August Cosmetics, three lucky Nuts 4 Stuff readers in the United States or Canada win a copy of Gotcha Covered! The Compact Guide to Camouflage Makeup and an EraseZit Concealer Pencil ($41 value for each)!

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