Friday, June 28, 2013

Attention, All Perfumistas: NEW Beauty on the Horizon With Violet Hand-Made Perfume Spray From Soap & Paper Factory! (Review)

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Violet Hand-Made Perfume Spray From Soap & Paper Factory.jpeg
Violet Hand-Made Perfume Spray From Soap & Paper Factory

Perfumistas, listen up because I have good news to report on the natural fragrance front.  Soap & Paper Factory has added three new handmade perfume sprays to their collection of tempting offerings.  If that is not exciting enough,  they are  now available on Anthropologie!

The line includes Bouquet (a celebration of rose), Camilla, and Violet Hand-Made Eau de Parfum Sprays.  I was the lucky recipient of Violet to share with you in this review.

Awaiting you in Violet is sheer romance and all about femininity.  This perfume is overflowing with floral beauty from crushed violet petals and exotic jasmine.  

Heady at first, I also detected a bit of green as it developed, which complimented this blooming mix and steeped it with unavoidable elegance.  

As the citron notes emerge, this fragrance becomes fresher with more a velvety sweet aroma that it is irresistible.

If you are a fan of violet scents, I think you would be pleased with Soap & Paper Factory's composition just as much as I am.  

The 1.7 oz. bottle of Violet Hand-Made Eau de Parfum Spray retails for $32.  Do look into these new fragrances because the one that I just tried is simply heavenly!