Wednesday, June 12, 2013

I Just Increased My WOW Factor--Ellis Faas Cosmetics Light Eye Pens (E301 and E303) for Subtly Chic or Dramatic Impact! (Review) Photos + Swatches!

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Ellis Faas logo.jpeg
Ellis Faas Cosmetics

Ellis Faas definitely knows how to play up eyes and create a sensation with her Light Eye Pens.  This highly acclaimed Dutch makeup artist manages to blend and refine light and color so effortlessly that these Light Eye Pens seem to also share that radiance with your entire face.  I was fortunate to review two from the five shades in that line to share with you, E301 and E303.

Ellis Faas E301 Light Eye Pen.jpeg
Here is E301

Ellis Faas E303 Light eye pen.jpeg
This is E303

Just like the Creamy Lip Pens I reviewed, these Light Eye Pens also come in a silver bullet-like tube.  However, these have a plastic brush that the thick liquid flows to instead of a sponge.  

E301 is metallic liquid metal almost like casting your eyes with molten silver and beige peeking through.  

E303 is a gleaming array of bronze light with gold intertwined to make it even more dazzling.  The color viewed in a certain light has traces of blue, violet, and pink-red.

Ellis Faas E301 eye pen swatch.jpeg
Here is a swatch of E301


Ellis Faas E303 light eye pen swatch.jpeg
This is a swatch of E303

These pens do take a bit of clicking before the color flows for the first time.  Nonetheless, the effort is worth it for that gorgeous multidimensional color.

I did notice these liquid shadows do have a tendency to dry quickly so you need to hurry and work.   Taking a small dab of the shadow from the loaded plastic bristles, I applied to my lids using my finger as my tool and blended.  When I was through with a thin layer, the look was subtly chic whereas too heavily piling up the layers makes it quite dramatic.  How you want to alter the look is up to you!

These shadows also hold up remarkably long without creasing.  I am talking about lasting all day even without a primer. 

I already  have my sights on the three remaining others in this line to give you an idea of how much I liked these pens.  Yet, I am torn between my first choice the E302 (the green-gold) to the E305 (the turquoise-burgundy) or the E304 (violet-lilac).  What are your favorites?

These Ellis Faas Light Eye Pens retail for $42 each.  If you haven't experienced these yet, you need to do so!