Thursday, July 25, 2013

Freshness Never Smelled So Good! L'Occitane en Provence's La Collection de Grasse: The Vert & Bigarade Eau de Toilette Review

Disclaimer:  This post is based on a free product provided by a company as a press sample so that I may offer my own  opinion, which may be the same or differ from yours.
L'Occitane The Vert & Bigarade Eau de Toilette.jpeg
 L'Occitane en Provence's The Vert & Bigarade Eau de Toilette 

When L'Occitane en Provence's founder, Olivier Baussan and perfumer, Karine Dubreuil visualized the La Collection de Grasse, they were intent on capturing the historic essences of Provence through each of four fragrances. The Vert & Bigarade, the third scent that I am bringing to you, is another stunning achievement since they managed to bottle the fresh green landscape of Southern France as it softly blows in against the warm ocean breeze in this beautiful unisex eau de toilette.

You immediately pick up the orange and bitter orange top notes against the lush green to greet you.  Due to careful weighing of citrus to green, this is a warm welcome with gentler freshness.  If you close your eyes and inhale, you can smell the orange floating in the air lazily drifting among the greens to give The Vert & Bigarade its  transparency as well.

Once the citrus unites with the green tea and the herbal influence of yerba mate in the heart, the fragrance cools slightly and evolves.  The eucalyptus like smell of that herb gives that aromatic green scent a distinct smoothness to those notes of green tea for a comforting presence that you gravitate toward. 

The base is rooted to the earth with woods and herbs that help keep this light fragrance grounded.  The notes of cedar, thyme, and musk lend a calming strength and seductive quality to this fragrance that is undeniably irresistible.

This is a gorgeous green tea fragrance I am crazy about that is ideal for warm weather.  I almost forgot to mention this is another L'Occitane en Provence's La Collection de Grasse scent that has incredible longevity.  

Regardless of sex, I think this fragrance would work for anyone with happy results.  Think of it as a mini-vacation to the South of France because it smells like you have just  returned only bringing that trip's pleasant aroma back with you.  The Vert & Bigarade Eau de Toilette retails for $75.  Do pick a bottle up for a warm escape!

To get a better feel about the first two fragrances in La Collection de Grasse, read my reviews of Jasmine & Bergamote and Magnolia & Mure.  Look for my take on the final fragrance in this line with the Vanille & Narcisse in an upcoming review.

Disclaimer:  A free product was provided to facilitate this review only--not my opinion.*