Sunday, July 7, 2013

What a Refreshing Way to Cool Off! Luigi's Real Italian Ice Review

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 Luigi's Real Italian Ice Mango.jpeg
 Luigi's Real Italian Ice Mango

When I was asked if I would be willing to review Luigi's Real Italian Ice from J & J Snack Foods, I didn't hesitate since frozen desserts of any kind are a weakness of mine.  However, I had never tasted any brand of Italian Ice until my box arrived with these fruity treats--and now I am addicted!
  Luigi's Real Italian Ice varieties.jpeg
  Luigi's Real Italian Ice 

I received five boxes to sample with their Limited Time Only Cotton Candy & Sour Apple, Cherry, Mango, Blue Raspberry & Watermelon, and Strawberry & Lemon.  Each package of six cups really can refresh  in the form of the smoothest frozen texture with real fruit taste since it is naturally flavored.  This Italian Ice cools you off so much better than ice cream without weighing you down.   What really surprised me was how such pleasure could only be 100 calories per cup compared to 200 calories for one-half cup of ice cream--that is, if you can eat only that much, which I cannot.

Something else shocking was how long it takes to eat a cup.  You can leisurely eat and scrape that luscious frozen ice and extend your enjoyment without a cup of melted slush as you slowly savor it.  On the other hand, eating the same amount of ice cream or sherbet  would vanish quicker or melt into a creamy pool, if you slowly indulged for as long as it took to finish my Luigi's Real Italian Ice cup.

Serve Luigi's Real Italian Ice for children and save yourself the extra mess.  Children are drawn to small sizes and these will keep them in a sitting position busy eating for quite a while.   Anything frozen on sticks melts and drips over your clean floors or furniture when the children are mobile.  
Luigi's Real Italian Ice container.jpeg
Luigi's Real Italian Ice

I am hard pressed to choose a favorite from those five boxes because I honestly loved them all.  Nonetheless, Mango is awesome and probably the winner.  Strawberry was my next pick followed by Cherry. 

If you were like me and never tried Luigi's Real Italian Ice, you honestly need to taste these frozen treats because they are excellent frozen treats, convenient, and fewer calories than many other frozen dessert options!  They retail for $4.99 per box where you will find them in your grocer's frozen foods section.  I already have Luigi's marked down on my shopping list.  Pick up some boxes because you will thank me later.

*Disclaimer:  A free product was provided to facilitate this review--not my opinion.*