Wednesday, September 25, 2013

A Mascara Beyond Your Wildest Dreams--Ellis Faas Cosmetics E401 Black Mascara! (Review) + SWATCHES

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Ellis Faas E401 Mascara.jpeg
Ellis Faas Cosmetics E401 Black Mascara

Some women are lucky to be born with incredibly long, thick lashes.  I wish that I was one of them, but I was born with short, stubby little things passing themselves off as lashes.  Therefore, I depend on a mascara to create that beautiful illusion for me.  One fantastic answer to my prayers arrived unexpectedly in a box of products from prestige brand, Ellis Faas Cosmetics with their E401 Black Mascara.

No exaggeration here when I tell you this little silver bullet tube containing this magical formula can seemingly do it all for your eyes as it separates and lengthens every last lash, regardless of how tiny.  

Pulling out the long, thin wand and watching how this rich black formula grabbed onto my lashes and built them up fairly quickly without clumping and irritation excited me.  Two coats are usually my limit unless I want to risk clown eyes that look like thick, dry prongs jutting out from your lids.  But I can take my lashes further with E401 and love the look of three coats.  

Ellis Faas E401 mascara swatch.jpeg
Here is a swatch of Ellis Faas Cosmetics E401 Black Mascara

The next time I tried this mascara on, I curled my lashes first.  Oh, my goodness, my eyes looked stunning with even longer, thicker glossy lashes from the help of my eye lash curler.  

I even forgot I had mascara on and rubbed my eyes.  Guess what?  E401 Black Mascara did not smudge and give me black rings around my eyes.  Equally impressive was it lasted all day for me without flaking or bothering my delicate allergy eyes even in the midst of the ragweed season.

Highly acclaimed Dutch makeup artist, Ellis Faas, really solved the frustrating problem of sparse lashes with this fabulous mascara.  Ladies, try this E401 Black Mascara and you won't be disappointed.  A tube retails for $34 at the Ellis Faas website.

*Disclaimer:  Free products were provided to facilitate this review--not my opinion.*