Monday, October 28, 2013

Be Kind to Delicate Skin--MyChelle Dermaceuticals Pure Harmony Collection for Sensitive Skin (Review)

Disclaimer:  This post is based on free products provided by a company as a press sample so that I may offer my own  opinion, which may be the same or differ from yours.
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MyChelle Pure Harmony Collection

My skin can be sensitive at times.  Sometimes, I can use a product for a period of time without any problem and then the next time I use it, it can cause my skin to react.  This is the frustrating way of how allergies work if you're prone to them like I am.  When I had the opportunity to try MyChelle Dermaceuticals Pure Harmony Collection to deal with a delicate skin issue, I knew I was the perfect candidate.

The system consists of five products:  Cleanser, Mask, Serum, Mist, and Cream. 
Pure Harmony Cleanser was how I began the regimen.  This is a very soothing gel/cream with sea buckthorn, AquaCacteen, and green tea among the ingredients that rinses away with water.  It doesn't foam up like some cleansers that rinse off, but this creamy emulsion took the grime away without robbing my irritated complexion any further.  Instead, it bathed my skin with needed moisture and left it calmer and softer in the process.

The next step was to try the Pure Harmony Mask that also was included in my box.  Once a week as recommended, I applied this product.  It contains arnica for healing and pain relief, magnolias for antioxidant power and UV defense, and bisabolo from chamomile to soothe, repair, and protect stressed skin.   This task of calming my skin further was what it did nicely.

Third in line was the Pure Harmony Serum.  This is a brownish serum with niacinamide that helps trigger collagen and reduce hyperpigmentation, kinetin for hydrating, and licorice for irritation relief.  Used immediately after cleansing, my face felt slightly tight until I reached for the next step.

The fourth product was the Pure Harmony Mist, which rains a blanket of moisturizing comfort to any face in need.   This is an awesome product with Longevicell, a cell regenerator and blue lotus as well as other beneficial ingredients to rescue skin.  

In my particular case, I gained better results when I reversed the steps the next day and used the mist after cleansing, then following with the serum.  The slight change agreed with my skin so much more.  

Last of all was the Pure Harmony Cream to feed hungry, irritated skin with a healthy diet of Renovage, gardenia plant stem cells and Asiatioside. Together the ingredients firm, tone, and boost moisture.  This luxurious substance disappeared into my skin leaving only a velvety coat of comforting aid behind without excess greasiness or stickiness.

If you also are on the sensitive side, I suggest a visit to MyChelle Dermaceuticals and check out the Pure Harmony Collection.  The Cleanser retails for $12.25, the Mask sells for $29.75, the Serum is priced at  $45.50, the Mist retails for $16.00, and the Cream sells for $28.00. 

*Disclaimer:  Free products were provided to facilitate this review--not my opinion.*